Thursday, June 17, 2010


Press here for more information about this and other beautiful 18th and 19th century paintings.

This is a scrap-art project that takes only a few minutes. 

All that is needed is a seed or bulb catalog,(the kind with shiny, photo type pages works best) a blank card, a couple of stickers, and a bright, contrasting scrap of paper to use as a background.

A side view of the dimensional butterfly sticker. I showed how to make your own layered clip-art in an earlier post of dimensional cards. This sticker was from a card of similar stickers, with little sparkle bits already glued on it.

Find a picture in the catalog and cut it out. If it has a catalog number on it, it is easy to cover it up with a sticker.  Paste the scrap of paper on the folded card, using a solid glue stick, and add the clipping and large butterfly sticker, or cut out a butterfly from a Birds and Blooms magazine.   This card fits in a normal card-size envelope.

I have just returned from visiting a friend who is recovering from illness. She has been making collages from old issues of Birds and Blooms magazines. They are put in frames, under glass, and look quite impressive. She chooses one of the larger, scenic pictures, and then cuts out paths. She makes the paths get smaller into the distance of the picture, and surrounds the paths with trees and flowers she has cut out. She tries to tell a story with her pictures, often having a house somewhere in them, with gates, birdbaths and fences. One of her collages looked like this:

This one is covered in clear contact paper, but the ones in frames looked much better.

In case you missed this folded village card craft, here are a couple of pictures of the finished project.

Be sure to click on for a larger view...

...and download your pattern from The Pleasant Times.  Fill up your page with several of the patterns and then print it on white card stock. These can be colored with any medium (paint, crayons, pencil, chalks).  The message can be written on the blank side. Fold the card at the seams and then put it in a small envelope as a gift tag or a greeting card.


Anonymous said...

The village would be cute decoupaged to wood or copied on foam core.

Lydia said...

The row of card board houses also looks good on a small shelf.

Anonymous said...

Very nice.
L. Rose

The Lady of the House said...

The folded village is delightful. I would have loved something like this when I was a girl. It's never too late, though.

I wanted to share a most pleasant discovery with the like-minded ladies here. I returned recently from a visit with my grandmother. Guess what was found underneath one of her beds? Twenty issues of Victoria -- all from the early 1990's. I was ecstatic. They were mine from my older girl years! I had poked around for them before, but never thought to look under a bed.

I left them with my mother, who will be mailing me two a month for the next year. I am so lucky!

Lydia said...

What a great idea to have them sent to you like a subscription in the mail! Each month I get out the entire selection of that month, dating back to 1989, and use one per week. I have found things I never thought were important at the time. This week I ran across a June issue that featured an island near Scotland with a tea room and all the recipes. It is calming to re-live the experience of these old issues. 1989-1992 were my favorites.