Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snowflake Celebration

to participate in a special paper snowflake activity. Just post a photograph of a hand made snowflake. Directions are on her blog. Read about her special Snowflake Tea, to be posted soon,

I made a post quite a few years ago about paper snowflakes, and included a link from a man's site, who had dedicated his snowflake site and patterns to his mother, because she had taught him how to cut snowflakes from folded paper. He has quite a few free patterns on his site and some have snowmen or trees all around the snowflake.  There are some interesting sites on the web that contain photographs of snowflakes taken in the Victorian period, to show that there is not one snowflake identical to another. The Victorian houses were much like that, not having any cookie-cutter type neighborhoods. It is still difficult to find any two houses of that era exactly the same. It must have been so sweet to visit people, knowing that each house was different than ones you had seen before, and each had a character of its own.  Like the snowflake, these houses had the same form and function, but were each completely unique.

This is my contribution to the Snowflake Celebration: A hand-made  pine wreath  formed with floral pics and a glittered bell, surrounded by wired ribbon and wired-in plastic snowflakes.


Anonymous said...


a lovely Idea. May i request, even though we are very close to Christmas now, some suggestions for suitable craft ideas for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere who enjoy summertime Christmas where the idea of snow couldn't be further from reality, where we are very soon to be upon the longest day of the year with a soaring mercury or sticky, stifling rain and humidity... Your South American, Southern African, Australian and New Zealand readers will, I'm sure, be most appreciative, as will your readership in equatorial and tropical regions. It is 32-33 degrees C today, brilliantly sunny and gleaming bright. The tropical fruits and stonefruits are in season, folk are going to the beach, heading out onto the water, be it seaside or lake, river, backyard pool or farm dam, picnicing and barbecueing. , In Australia at any rate, we're slowing down as we enjoy our summer holidays. Might I also request a few articles per season for us in the south so, when you are writing for spring for the Northern readership, we in the South who are entering our Autumn won't be forgotten :-); I know there are archived articles, but its nice to have something to read that is new and fresh that makes us feel included also.

Many thanks for your wonderful work here!!

morningstar said...

Love this!!!! We just pulled out our snowflakes ( homemade) from last year. I hope to get a photo up soon!

Unknown said...

The wreath is pretty. I like it.

Anonymous said...

Oh!!!!! The wreath is beautiful!!! I looked at it and realized I have everything already to make it too!! I am not a frilly type but this can sure be an exception!!!! :) Thankyou so much for the inspiration in this snowflake article. Sarah

Lydia said...

I was thinking of showing step by step procedure for putting this together, but in the meantime I'll make a list. All ingredients are from Dollar Tree

1 wired pine wreath

2 packages pincone and frosted apple picks (there are two branches on each card, so you actually get four) Get the colors of your choice, and choose coordinating ribbon.

1 roll glittered wired ribbon or opaque wired ribbon 4 plastic glittered snowflakes

1 big jingle bell

At other stores you may find:

Small bottle craft paint


Elmer's white glue

Small sponge brush

Lydia said...

I would be happy to do something for the hotter climates to celebrate the season. Let me think for a day or so.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! The ribbon encircling the wreath is like a cloud...and the bell in the middle is a nice focal point.


Anonymous said...


Thank you,

'Hot Climate reader'.

Mrs. B said...

So stunning!