Thursday, October 20, 2011

Confined to Home

As homemakers know, the freedom at home is unlimited. You can shop all the sales, show hospitality to all the people you want, start all the sewing or painting projects you desire, and cook anything that suits you.  With so many things to do, it is easy to let the housework slip.

One sign of needing to be more confined to the house is that you cannot locate your watch, your glasses, your grocery list , and the sewing project you started last week. Worse than that, you can lose your Bible in the things that pile up, and not be able to locate it for some days. It may be time to confine yourself  to the business of home.

Getting ready for a season of confinement requires some supplies. To prepare, imagine yourself in a home far away, perhaps up in the hills without neighbors. The road  will be closed because of a winter storm, so you will not be able to dash to and fro to a store for things you need. Now is the time to get some supplies: toilet paper, detergents, enough frozen food for several weeks worth of meals, dried products for making soups and stews and breads. You might also anticipate other needs such as sewing supplies to finish some sewing projects, and writing materials for correspondence. If you have other members of the family who can bring you groceries,  it will save you even more time.  The length of your confinement depends upon how soon you can get your house in satisfactory condition. It can be just a weekend for some, a week for others and more for those who plan major changes in their homes.

Daily give the kitchen surface cleaning, such as washing dishes and taking out the trash and sweeping the floor. This does not include deeper cleaning of drawers and shelves, the fridge, or things that need to be put in order. It is a basic daily cleaning that enables your family to use the kitchen and for you to prepare meals.  When the kitchen comes up as a "room" on your list, then it is time to pay more detailed attention to it.`

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