Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Whatever Is Lovely

Thinking on things from Philippians 4:8 today, with more thoughts to be posted! It usually takes a long time to find and post pictures, so I am putting this part up first and composing the post later.

Victorian Social Gathering

Credits: Pictures from Pinterest and Athenaeum


Anonymous said...

Is this your home?

Lydia said...

These are not my pictures, but similar to my home style. If you want some home tour pictures to be sent you can email me: ladylydiaspeaks@comcast.net.

Anonymous said...

Pink chargers? Oh, my, now you're talking! Thanks for taking the time to share these wonderful pictures and thoughts.

Anonymous said...

The last three posts have had such inspiring ideas! Todays post with the Christmas tree looks like our former house. That is what it could have been if we put in hardwood floors and bigger door..something we could had done but I wouldn't have thought of. I get so many ideas from your many posts that I can do myself to pretty our home. I cannot do hardwood floors but I certainly can make table clothes and tree decorations and such! :) Even if this was not my particular style the ideas convert to any style...but I DO love this style! :) Thank you again. Sarah

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to your "Future Posts" that you show on the side section.

Your pictures tonight are very pretty...it helps sooth the soul to think/look on lovely things, doesn't it? I esp like the lady entering through a gate ....leading to a cozy, inviting home on a snowy night..I like her clothing...we need to wear long dresses, skirts...that can be full a little bit....very feminine!

Anonymous said...

Agree that we need to re-feminize our clothing. Since time began women have worn long skirts and managed perfectly well in them. We modern womean are very lucky because we have so many styles to choose from based on the many fashions of yesteryear.There is a style to suit everyone. Edwardian fashions still look very elegant today and are extremely wearable.I have a winter coat almost ankle length with a fake fur collar. I team it with a velvet cloche style hat with a brim, and with a long tweed skirt and knee high boots such an outfit is modest, warm, sytlish and very practical. You will get years of wear out of a good coat and if you pick a neutral colour you can really change your look with different accessories.

Anonymous said...

The photos you posted are really pretty and make me feel calm inside as I study them. Its also good to hang photos like this in the home so other may benefit from them also.

I'd really like to know the source of the fabrics used on the tables and chairs in the one photo. They are really lovely.

I could do one room (possibly my sewing room) in pink, but my husband wouldn't like the public or bedrooms of the house done in pink. It would make him feel it was only a woman's home and he'd feel unwelcome, as I would feel in his car barn and shop.

We each have our special places that we can go for refreshment. The rest of the house must remain neutral as far as gender goes.

Thank you for sharing so much wisdom and beauty with us. I so look forward to each new post and reading the comments. Also thank you for all the blogs listed to the side of the daily posts. I have reaped great wisdom from all of them.

Mrs. J.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say thank you for this pretty blog and your most recent posts. It is nice to take a break and look around here. You have so many posts and pictures that inspire me and remind me what home can be if I persevere. Even on bad days, a homemaker can always come here and find something inspirational.

Your blog always reminds me there is something I can do to improve my situation. I don't need to run out the door to work to get away from things only to find them worse when I get home, as the world would have me do. I can stay here and make things better, even if is just a little at a time.

Mrs. V. said...

Well great minds must think alike, lol. I posted on this very subject just yesterday ~ thinking on "these things."

Lydia said...

Mrs. V.You are ahead of me. At least you posted. I'm still thinking about it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for enabling the mobile theme - it is so much easier to read away from my desktop.

- Ignatia

Rightthinker said...

So beautiful, LadyLydia!