Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scrap Art Cards

This craft looks complicated but is quite easy. It is made using a paper heart doily as the base. It has to be pasted on cardstock because the paper doily is too flimsy to work with.  Paste it on cardstock or heavier paper (construction paper will also work well for this),  and cut it out, either around the scallop edges, or just generally. Add a picture from scrapbook paper either in the middle or off to the side. This is the picture or object you build the other objects around. After that, paste glittered foam hearts, diamond stickers, iridescent  table confetti, buttons, butterflies, and a rope of sequins. My theme for this card is "white," so I tried to find as many white bits and pieces as I could.  

 Here  it is being pasted on the cardstock to cut out.

A length of ribbon is applied with white glue and a piece of paper is put over it on the back to secure it.

You can also just trace hearts on pretty scrapbook paper from a large cookie cutter. These look pretty placed around the dining table on a white table cloth. This one comes from the paper stack below, $5.00 at Walmart:

Click for a detailed view.


Lydia said...

I am still not understanding how to undo a setting that prevents pictures from being saved. If someone who knows how to make pictures clickable, please email me ladylydiaspeaks@comcast.net.

Lydia said...

I am working on another one to post sometime today.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy all your posts. This one is so sweet and brings back memories of the valentine's days of my childhood. Thank you for your fine work.