Monday, January 02, 2012

Old Things to Remember in the New Year

Roses III by Igor Levashov

Put Your Hand to the Plow - Luke 9:62
There is no point in trying out homemaking or homeschooling just to see if it will work, because it will not run smoothly all the time. Women who stay home need to do it with a firm resolve, so that they cannot be talked out of it, and be willing to keep the home,  through the good times and the not so good times.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize - Romans 6:15-23
Do the things that are the most important, first, and do not look longingly at distractions. Looking back at what might have been causes you to do a poor job of the task ahead of you. Think of the end result as the prize and press forward, doing whatever you can to reach it.

Give No Heed to Falsehoods -Proverbs 17:4
Before giving in to fear and uncertainty, be sure you know if it is true. If it is false, do not allow it to demoralize you. "There are thousands  to tell you it cannot be done. There are thousands to prophecy failure, there are thousands to point out to you one by one, the dangers that wait to assail you."" (Edgar Guest, poet) 

 Remember the Biblical account of Nehemiah and the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. All around him stood those who jeered and tried to discourage the builders.One of the naysayers trivialized the strength and quality of the building structure, saying:  "If a fox go up, he shall even break down their stone wall." (Nehemiah 4:3) It sounds much like the sneering that goes on today, but we are not always required to engage in a debate over something that we are doing. 

The prophet continually told his enemies that he was too busy doing a great work and could not come down and dispute with them about whether or not he should be doing it. If you believe that  being a wife, mother and homemaker is a good work, why should you believe those who say differently?

Pray Without Ceasing - 1st Thessalonians 5:17
Keep thoughtful prayer constantly in your mind. It will make a difference in the level of stress in your life. It is faster to communicate your thoughts and problems with God than with anyone on face-book or instant messaging. Beware of substituting the constant communication that goes on in the world, for unceasing prayer to God.

Forget Those Things Which Are Behind - Philippians 3:13
Everyone has a past, and whether it is a good one or a bad one, they need to press forward toward some kind of achievement. Whether it be teaching good manners to your children, becoming a better cook or learning to be content with life,  pressing forward to success means not repeating the past or living in its shadow.  Keep good lessons learned from mistakes in your mind, but forget the past sins and refrain from telling the story over and over. It can hinder your reaching for a better, happier life, and sometimes, waylay others who dwell on your past more than they should. Always live as though the present is more important.

Shake the Dust off Your Feet - Matthew 10:14.  
Jesus knows the debilitating effect of disputing, mocking or stone-heartedness, for he told his disciples to leave a town, symbolically shaking the dust off their shoes, and move on.  One may wonder why they did not stay and win the people over with their love and truthfulness, but Christ did not want them to be bogged down in a place where their message was not well-received.  Human beings need approval and need to have a positive atmosphere in which to grow spiritually.  If you are slowed down playing useless games online or debating people offline, you  might be losing precious time that could be spent making your home beautiful.  It might be helpful to re-read the post on living the abundant life with its warnings about the cynicism.

Beat Swords into Ploughshares - Pursue peaceful things that accomplish something: knit a sweater, make a quilt, sew a dress, clean house, read a book, design a house, teach young women, or just enjoy relaxing at home.  Someone is always going to try to get you in a defensive position, arguing over whether you should be staying home.  They might as well argue over whether or not you should cook a hot meal or take care of a sick child. The answer is obvious. Turn the attack into a useful task.

Do Not Cast Your Pearls Before Swine - Matthew 7:6  "Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them, and turn again and rend you."  Do not waste the time the Lord has given you trying to convince others of the validity of your station in life as a keeper of the home, if they are not earnestly seeking the truth.  They will ridicule the wisdom you give them, and then tear your personality apart, and say you are crazy.  You are not obligated to waste your breath on just anyone. The example you show in your life will always be a message in itself. Put your own family first and do not neglect your home in an effort to save the world. 

Fight the Good Fight - 1st Timothy 6:12.  It strengthens others when they see someone who is always the same. In spite of illness, financial problems, grief or family upheavals, some women still stay with the course.  They stay home. They teach their children. They attend worship services.  They teach other women, online and off.  They are staying in it through the valleys and the hills. Their lives are like great ships that, though tossed about on rough seas, know that they were made for the challenges that come along.

 Sometimes you may wonder if people are ever going to quit asking you when you are going to get a job, or what you do all day. The enemy is the same as it was when Christ was crucified: hating him and loudly mocking until he drew his last breath. He was willing to endure it for the joy that was set before him. (Hebrews 12:2)   You can have a long marriage, successful children, and a great life, but someone is always going to ask you if you are going to work, even when you are 70 years old, because the doctrine of feminism is so ingrained in our society, that its believers never quit trying to get everyone to live as they do.

Cast Bread Upon the Waters - Ecclesiastes 11:1   Every generous gesture will bring more back to you.  Know how to give when it is needed, and how to give even when it is not.  Teach your children to ask, "Is there anything I can do to help?"  God leaves it entirely up to the individual to give as he has prospered (Ist Corinthians 16:2), and a good giver will find that he is never in want.  It is wise to "cast your bread upon waters" by giving in different ways besides your church contribution. Give collectively in the assembly, but give individually when you see a need, or feel a need to give.  In future posts, I hope to share some ideas on how to give creatively.

Put Your House in Order - 11 Kings 20:1  This was a command given to Hezekiah when he was dying and the principle of the thing is valuable even for the very young.  Start getting your house in order so that you can find things if you have a prolonged illness or if you incur any upheavals in your family.  In crises, an orderly house helps people think more clearly.

It has been said that this generation has not passed the familiar sayings on to their children. Discussing these great Biblical phrases with your family will help restore them to the home, so that they can be taken up by the next generation and the next, and will enrich the general culture around us.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. What a great post to start the new year with. I find sayings like this very helpful, thank you for reminding me of these or teaching the ones I haven't heard before. I am certainly going to print this out and put it somewhere where I can see if it often! Have a wonderful new year.

~ Ann

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these important reminders. I appreciate the way you show how the Bible applies to daily life. It gives even the mundane tasks meaning when you have a religous outlook.

Ginger said...

It took me a long time to discover these principles. Thank you for making them easier for the younger women to find and understand.

Amy Techentin said...

Thank you for this post-I am going to print this out as a wonderful reminder throughout the year of what is important and what isn't.

I like the idea of keeping a notebook of encouragement to turn to on difficult days...

Amy Techentin said...

Thank you for this post-I am going to print this out as a wonderful reminder throughout the year of what is important and what isn't.

I like the idea of keeping a notebook of encouragement to turn to on difficult days...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post! And you are so right about the constant communication we have going on now...I agree, it *does* hurt our communication with God.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lady Lydia,

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post and printed it out. Great stuff.

I hope you and yours are well!

Many Blessings :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lady Lydia!

I especially appreciate the shaking dust off our feet and not casting pearls before swine. Those were very helpful.

As a side note, I have been thinking about feminist misinterpretations of reality. For example, the media tells about women who really are genuinely oppressed (child brides or widows in war-torn countries, for example). Then, very subtly, the picture changes, so that now the problem is not that this woman was a child bride or a widow, but that she dresses modestly according to her beliefs or that she doesn't have the opportunity to go to college. If only she could dress immodestly or go to school all day, then she would be free, we are supposed to think.

But that doesn't solve the underlying problem, which is that she is poor, or living in a war-torn country, etc.

It's interesting how the underlying problem is often pointed out as being the "religious oppression that is forced upon her" instead of the war that is happening in her region of the world or her poverty or her particular family situation.

The problem isn't her modesty or her devotion to her family-- those things are helping her even in the midst of chaos!

Anyway, thank you again & take good care.

Lydia said...

Or, they had the opportunity to go to college and refused it, in favor of being a keeper at home and a mother.

With so many women (4 million, it is reported) quitting jobs and going home, the feminists will start again on attacking the conditions at home. If the women don't earn money from home, they will make a big deal out of it.

Anonymous said...

I printed this out to remind myself of things that I need to improve on.

Barbara Jean said...

wonderful post!!
Great refreshers on some things that I have grown lax in.
Thank you!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post. I really want to share a story with you.

Years ago (about 3), I wrote you via e-mail; you wrote me back and gave me some very encouraging words. I was telling you that people were telling me that basically homemaking was fine as a hobby, but that I needed to get out and get a JOB!

My son and I were living in a large house that I was renting, living off of an inheritance I was blessed to receive.

People in my life were telling me that my inheritance would soon run out so therefore I needed to get out and get a job!

I wanted to be a homemaker and a stay-at-home mom to my son who had specific special needs at the time. I wanted to have faith that Father would provide. I tried to believe, but my faith was weak and so outside influences were able to convince me that staying home would never work!

I fell under the "staying at home is not work" spell.
I crumbled under the pressure. After all, since no one felt like I had a REAL job, surely Father would not bless my efforts. So I did not take my job as a homemaker seriously. I gave up.

I gave 10% to 20% to my homemaking job instead of giving it my all, instead of really trying to make a go of things.

I ended up getting evicted, literally put out on the street with my 13 year old son. We were homeless for almost 3 years, living in homeless shelters and motels. We just recently got an apartment 5 months ago.

Looking back, I wish I would have taken my job as a homemaker seriously. I should have tried to make it work, had more faith. I should have worked on/at my home just like working at a "real job".

This post reminds me that our work is important, and of what can be lost when one does not take their role as keeper of the home seriously.

There is much to be lost when one is so foolish as to think that their job as keeper of the home is a frivolous one.

Lydia said...

It sometimes costs a LOT to go to work, and in the meantime the house falls into disrepair and deteriorates. Pensions and inheritances can last longer than the "experts" tell us, by finding all the choices that are available to make them last longer, bear interest, etc.

Anonymous said...

Lady Lydia,

In light of your commenter about being deluged with comments about how homemaking doesn't work. We are dealing with the ignorance of people and their jealousy.

We as Homemakers and Mothers have to set our faces like flint once and for all that we answer to the LORD and our Husbands and in that order. God says to be Mothers and Wives. We cannot do that if we are never with the people He gave us. DECIDE NOW and it doesn't matter what anyone says.

Just like if someone comes up to me mocking me for serving Jesus. It does NOTHING to me. It doesn't get to me if I am having a peaceful life or one of persecution because I KNOW WHO I SERVE AND I KNOW WHAT IS REQUIRED OF ME.

We need to really get it! No one can knock you when you KNOW what you are doing is right!

Forgive me if I go too long.

I have worked in several family businesses since I was five years old. I mean ACTIVLY CONTRIBUTED. I have personally gone to college, served in the military, worked for other people, worked in family businesses, run SEVERAL of my own successfully, been the recipient of inheritience and am NOW A FULL TIME HOMEMAKER.

I would like your commenter who has been lambasted for trying to make do with a inheritence to keep in mind several things.

1. How and why I run my household the way I do is NO ONE and I mean NO ONE's business. I am sick and tired of people walking up to homemakers and stay at home Mothers shooting off their mouths and telling us how THEY think we are wrong.
Depending on what kind of mood I am in, I let them know in no uncertain terms that unless they are the LORD or my Husband they have absolutely NO business asking about nor telling me what to do in my home. That usually blows back the hair of the nasty. The particularly nasty, I let have it with some statistics and research I have done. And if they don't let up I start calling them on CHOOSING to buy things and get away from their responsiblities at home which is NOT the best thing for their families. The foolish then go after my Husband, and He is not a man to be triffled with and they soon learn it.

Why is this so hard for people to get (not talking about your commenter). Businesses fail, jobs are lost, money gets stolen (I had TENS OF THOUSANDS OF AN INHERITENCE STOLEN AND GOD KEPT ME STILL). If our security is in money, we are lost. If our security is in Christ and our Holy Lord, we are safe NO MATTER WHAT.

I have been dirt poor, I have been not poor. I have been everything in between. I needed the Lord and His guidence and protection through all of it.

to be continued
Many Blessings :)

Anonymous said...

Part 2

3. Lastly, we set our priorities. And they are not what the rest of the world's are. WE ARE NOT OF THIS WORLD. This brings attention and attack. That does NOT mean to act more like the world so they let up. Don't give up God to gain the world.

Now, I am not saying be nasty to everyone who asks. I am saying be direct, be ready to give encouragement from the Lord and be ready to understand what an attack is and defend yourself.

If someone tells you they don't understand why you do it or asks for help so she can do it, lovely, encourage her.

If someone is just flabbergasted, tell them you serve the Lord and His priorities are yours.

If someone is nasty, tell them to mind their own business. And don't let it wreck your peace.
If you have a personality like mine, you begin to enjoy their attacks and turning it back on them for fun. ESPECIALLY when they attempt to do it publically or try to start trouble in your marriage. Don't worry my Sisters, God used it to make mine stronger. Every attack made my resolve stronger, made my Husband stronger. Smile it will be used for good!

I will be praying for your commenter. I don't think anyone has the right to tell anyone else how to live or how much money to chase after. Funny how I don't go around telling other women how incredibly foolish it is to spend 10 hours working to CLEAR about 20 bucks a day, yet they will chase me down to tell me how I am wrong not to join them. They fail logically, finacially and Biblically.

However, the best testimony is meeting my children and coming to my home.

Sorry so long :)
Many Blessings :)

Anonymous said...


You are one amazing woman!! Strong, determined, feminine for the Lord but no shrinking violet - one who has truly walked the valley floor , yet is still able to put on the whole armour of God and knows this is a combat zone in which we are warriers - warriors of the home, warriors for Christ! The enemy will employ every gutter tactic he can to shake the resolve of those who, sights fixed firmly on the Cross, live their lives wholely for our Lord and Saviour in all that is thought, said and done. The enemy also revels in making the lives of us with very sensitive personalities who are sickened and terrified of the confrontations foisted onto our doorsteps by the enemy's minions and wish for nothing but to be left in peace to live our lives as Christ calls us to in the words of Holy Scripture. Thank you for being a very real leader to those of us with delicate personalities when it comes to face to face confrontation landed in our laps by those who have been seduced by Satans lies to go out into the world and live like a worldling rather than as a daughter of the King.

You provide very workable and practical solutions and even a 'script' of sorts for those of us who all too often are left speechless - our well-rehearsed explanations and Biblical reasons unable to be given voice during such onslaughts. You have raised Christ's standard for your fellow sisters - I am not afraid to follow the banner of truth!

Lydia said...

Sometimes women panic when there is a set back in the home. There may be a sudden change in the husband's place of employment, or they listen to the news of impending crashes, or they get a big unexpected expense. They then panic and send the wife to work. However if the woman will just wait only a short while, things have a way of straightening themselves out. The husband finds a new job, the bill collectors agree to a series of payments, or the family finds a way to tap in to other sources that they had not thought of before. In such cases, if the wife will keep her life as it is, they will be better off. If she panics and goes to work, she risks interrupting the careful upbringing and training of children, and increases her tension. I have to say that in all the cases I've seen, the wife did not really need to go to work, as alternative ideas had not even been tried. And sometimes the women went to work while the man became a house husband, waiting for checks to come in the mail, instead of actively seeking employment outside the home. I've seen men try to get their wives to work outside the home, but will not work outside the home themselves. A leader should always be willing to do what he expects his followers to do. If women will just wait and not get upset, they will see that things will work out. I watched previous generations do just that. Through lay-offs, dismissals, company fold-ups, transferring, illness and hospitalization, etc. the women who stayed home were better off and the family remained stable. The ones who felt the urgency to leave the home, always suffered some kind of brokenness in their homes and family life. Women should let the men take care of the provision, because if they step out and try to
"help out" their husbands, they help their husbands lose some of their manliness and their pride in providing for the family. They need to stay home and keep things cheerful.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady Lydia

I directed a friend of mine to your blog, and she has found it so useful and educational, so thanks for that.

Yesterday morning, a friend came by in tears, looking for some company and comfort from a fellow believer. Before she left, she said nice things about how she had been confident that I'd be able to help her, etc. I also gently reminded her, that she had been able to come to me BECAUSE SHE KNEW I'D BE AT HOME. Everyone knows that I'm in until lunchtime, teaching the children.

I've stated this before, but I'll say it again: you ladies are able to minister in your community during the day, because you are home. The other homes are empty, and everyone is out.

During that morning, our children received a real-life lesson in what matters in life -- we delayed our home educating, and changed our schedule for the whole day, because, I told them, "People matter more than academics."

One of our pastors once said, "The only thing you can take to heaven are the people that you love."

Thank you for yet another classic post -- I can hear the printers whirring as we add them to our collection!


Alexandra said...

Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...


I am humbled by your praise and assure you that I have stumbled more then my fair share. I have failed, remained silent and even blasphemed my sweet Lord with my actions and words in the past.

However, I have always had passion and I am trying to aim it in the right direction. I have found that when you are confident that you are in God's will then you will not only expect attacks, you will weather them.

You are welcome. And I am incredibly humbled that anyone can use any of my ramblings.

Yes, have a script. Be ready. Your children and others who are silent are watching your reaction. We have a RESPONSIBLITY to speak out and defend ourselves! I learned this when to my shame I did not speak out.

More then once couple have come to us privately and asked us to help them do what we do because when we were attacked we stood firm. They were scared or didn't think it was possible. When they saw we didn't shrink back, it drew them to the Lord.

Just like I try to make sure I look nice and so does my family and my home because I know I may be the only Christian/Homemaker/Stay at home Mother/Homeschooler anyone comes into contact with. I want to represent Jesus and my convictions well. I don't want a Husband to tell their wife "No, you are not doing that. I don't want you to be a slob like that women." Etc.

I am not perfect, but I try to hit the mark as much as possible.

And to add to the last commenter. I was able to help a neighbor just recently and they commented that I am the only one they know at home and willing to help.

They would not have given me the time of day had I tried to witness to them, but they see me live my life AND that I attempt to bless them when no one else will and then they become willing to listen.

LISTEN, Lady Lydia is telling you guys (she has blessed me more then she knows) IT IS A LIE OF THE DEVIL that you are worthless unless you work or are rich.

God has called us to be Wives and Mothers in ALL circumstances. It is hard to be the Wife of a rich man and it is hard to be the Wife of a poor man. Both need a Christian women by their side with her eyes firmly set on Eternity.

What you are going through, you are going through to TRAIN YOUR CHILDREN to fight. They watch you for how to handle things in their future. DON'T TEACH FEAR! God will give you the words if you pray AND read the Bible. They will come to you when you need them.

You are warriors for the Lord, STAND YOUR POSTS and when satan sends someone to torment you send them packing. Don't FEAR the fight. Use it to preach to the world!

Sorry for writing so much Lady Lydia!


Anonymous said...


Many humble thanks again. You are not alone as one who has stumbled; we all stumble, for ALL of us have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God (Rom 3: 23), often when we have known better (I am NO exception. And yet, and yet, Christ Jesus has redeemed us, has reclaimed us for His own - His daughters, His heirs through the Cross and the Empty Tomb!! We have been bought at great price (1 Cor 6: 20) but are called by our heavenly Father to comport ourselves as Christians (Read 1 Cor 6, from verse 9 to the above reference). And you are absolutely correct in that our actions will reveal the inner character and reveal Christ in us as St. Francis of Assisi put it 'Preach the gospel ALWAYS; use words only when necessary'. The principle set forth in 1 Pet 3: 1-2 can be applied to a wider sphere than the occasion of an unbelieving spouse; it is as crucial a strategy for the broader community who put little store in the bible and do not believe as it is for the community of marriage.

May all who read here be richly and wonderfully blessed.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this posted twice.


Thank you for the verses and the kind comment. I am not Catholic, so I do not follow the teachings of St Francis, but thank you for your kindness just the same.

Have a Great weekend everyone.

morningstar said...

Thank you for this post. Such positive loving reminders. This has blessed me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post!

I have heard people call homemakers:

socially awkward

It's incredible how far many women will go to criticize other women, just because it irritates them so much that other women stay home, and they don't. I think envy is a major factor.