Thursday, February 02, 2012

Sparkly Old-Fashioned Doily Heart Cards

 Roses I by Fasani

Why not click on my playlist music on the left, while you view these cards and get some ideas for making your own? You can press the stop button any time you like.
Click on to get the full benefit of the wonderful glitter on this card. With a fine tip of a bottle of glitter glue, you can outline the embosssed roses and leaves which are on many of these paper doilies.

These are cards made to look like scrap-cards, using bits and pieces of scrapbook materials, table confetti, parts of old cards, glitter glue, and paper doilies pasted on card board, card stock or heavier paper.

Find jewel stickers and place them as accents on your card. They make good dew-drops when placed on pictures of roses.

To make a picture for the center, you can either paste a cut out piece on a white card the size of a calling card or business card, or you can cut rectangles, squares, ovals and hearts from cards. Use older cards you have saved that are pretty, or just get a few from the dollar store for 50c or a package of 8 for a dollar. There are other sources of such clip art on the web at Victorian graphics sites that offer free printables like these. Print them off on card stock for best results.

Keys can be cut from printed scrapbook pages, glued on to the heart, and then embossed with glitter glue paint to give them a raised effect like real keys. You see here I have placed my picture first and then added
stickers and foam hearts around it. The red borders you see are made with glitter glue.

This is scrapbook paper on cardstock, from this package, which is only $5.00 at Walmart.  The heart was made by tracing one of the doilies with the scalloped edges, and then outlined with a shiny white puff paint, and a red glitter glue. The red heart above is also pasted on card stock.
This is paper, not cardstock, and is full of prints of roses, hearts, keys and more, which I am using for these crafts all week til the 14th.

The paper doilies are not expensive if you get them at dollar stores. You can also make your own by folding a heart shape paper in many folds and then cutting wedges and shapes from the folded areas, like you would a paper snowflake.

Inside each paper doily is a heart shape. Cut out one of them for a pattern if you want to trace around them to cut out hearts from printed papers. Then paste them over the heart area of your paper doily.

To make these scrap-hearts, first glue your paper doily on some card stock to give them a more stable surface on which to add other things.

Lay out everything you think you might like to use, thinking of colors and shapes.  I've cut some of these things right out of the scrapbook paper book to give myself some clip art.  A hint: leave the pages in the book, and just cut off pieces from the edges, rather than removing the whole paper. That way, you do not have stray pieces to deal with and store.

Experiment to get a nice look, by placing the main piece or picture on prepared heart shape.  Move them around and exchange them til you get what you like. 

Surround the main picture or object with other items that compliment it in color or theme, balancing the look as best you can.

Paste down the objects with an office glue stick, and outline them with glitter glue if you like.  I leave mine overnight before handling them the next day. As in the previous post, you can add the hanging ribbon on the back the next day, or do it in the beginning before you start decorating the card.  

These are the glitter glues and puff paints I used for outlines and accents in these hearts. By far the shiniest and most sparkly is the sticklers brand in the middle.  The dust glitter on the right is also very beautiful, but for the most part these days, I'm using glitter glue. Not all glitter glues are equal, however, and do not dry the same. Some end up looking more like glue than glitter, and others take too long to dry. Everyone has their preference. I put mine on a box in front of a blowing heater when I want them to dry quickly. That being said, these cards are perfectly lovely without any glitter at all. For children, just use the glittered stickers and glittered foam hearts, rather than the glitter glue, which needs to be more precisely applied, and cannot be touched until dry. Some of the glues take a long time to dry.

I hope anyone who wants to is able to snag the pictures for their files. You are welcome to put these hearts on pinterest or similar pages.  Also feel free to use these ideas for etsy. The only thing I ask concerning my   craft  ideas and patterns is that you do not copyright them, as I would like to let everyone use them freely.

You can preserve these by framing them behind glass or brushing on a layer of decoupage glue.  Try making some in the colors and styles to match your home decor and framing them. You can print photographs of your family and use them for the center of the cards.


Lydia said...

Your first cards might not turn out as lovely as you would like, but you can remove the doo-dads, cut out the picture again and use them for other cards. My first three were not to my satisfaction but as I worked on new ones, I got more ideas until I was able to put together something that was pleasing enough to display or give away.

Mrs. Price said...

Thank you for the lovely ideas. My DS is 3 and we are planning a family valentine's day. He is very excited to make a card for daddy.

Lydia said...

To make a card for Dad, use pictures from a car magazine or clip art depicting cars, fishing gear, boats, scenery, airplanes, tools, and pictures of the children. You can get stickers of hammers and saws and all kinds of outdoor things like tents and fishing gear, etc. at craft stores, or you can cut them out of magazines.