Friday, September 14, 2012

Sweet Seasons

Life tends to be the same, rain or shine, for the homemaker. There will always be something to do at home: baking, washing, sewing, reading, sweeping, taking long walks, teaching children. So, whether it is spring or fall, my focus is making the home pleasant.  I must admit that I feel more energy and optimism in the spring and summer, so when autumn approaches, I never look at it as the "end of summer" but rather, an extension of summer. Often the temperature rises to a higher point than some summer days, allowing the feeling of summer days to continue. The season inside my house seems to always be summer, no matter what the weather.


Merlesworld said...

If it's always summer you must have a happy home.

Ginger said...

I like this thought. I can choose to be bright and sunny.

Anonymous said...


Autumn is the king of seasons; hot days without the stifling humidity of late summer, cooler nights that permit comfortable sleep and the enjoyment of more hearty meals, fantastic weather for bread-baking (humidity is not a friend of bread in my experience), Apples and blackberries at their peak, and for us in the Southern Hemisphere, anticipation of the commemoration of our Lord's passion and death, coupled with the celebration of His triumph over the grave. As for there always being something to do in the home, for us around here, it has been the Spring planting of our summer vegetable patch, cleaning out the garden, the longer, sunnier days as we move towards Summer, the first of the good, seasonal Papaya, Strawberries and watermelon with the promise of stone-fruit just around the corner.

Thank you for inspiring us to good works and happy hearts.

Trish said...

Lydia, your home sounds delightful because your attitude is so lovely!
The darker days of Autumn and Winter are a challenge for me as I am sensitive to the lack of natural light.
We are now in Spring, as you know, and I am feeling renewed and refreshed agagin!
Each season has it's own beauty but I like the cheerfulness of Spring best.
Enjoy a "summery" day in your blessed home today!

Anonymous said...

I like to view Autumn as a preparation for nesting and planning the next season.
True it is an extension of summer weather. The air has a different scent and the light is more golden due to the setting of the sun.

We all have choices how the atmosphere of the home will be. Even on the worst days we can choose to make our own dispositions cheerful and pleasant thereby making a sunny day for our families.
The woman of the home is the guide of the home and if she is lead of the Lord the days will be pleasant in home no matter what the circumstances may be.

I remember reading in the Little House on the Prairie, that Ma Ingalls would never allow bad circumstances to sour the day at home. She was always tried to be cheerful and reasonable and she taught her children to do the same.
To me that is pioneer spirit at its peak.

Mrs. J.

Finding Joy said...

I love all seasons in their own way - winter is for indoor activities and being curled up on the lounge with a good book, whilst summer is for outdoors and family and spring is wonderful for gardening and looking at all the wonderful blooms that are about but Autumn is my favourite as the weather is so glorious where I live.

If it is bleak outside, my house is always full of colour and music that it never feels sad or cold - it is a place I enjoy returning to every afternoon after work as it our place of refuge from the world. Our house is more like spring than summer!!

Anonymous said...

I love your attitude! Summer is my least favorite season, though, so I wouldn't want it to be always summer in my home. I love the Fall, everything seems so cozy and I love the idea that we are preparing to keep our homes and families safe for the coming Winter.

In the Fall, I often put a tbl of cinammon in 1 cup of water and simmer it on the stovetop, periodically replenishing the water. It makes the whole house smell so nice and throwing in a clove or 2 makes it even more special.

in His peace,

Gayle said...

I've always loved Autumn because we battle 100+ temperatures everyday here in the Summer.When there is the chill in the air,and I can light my pretty pumpkin scented or apple pie scented candles and bake bread to fill the house with the smell,cozy up with a blanket over my toes and a good book, that is peace to me.I love the leaves turning,pumpkins,and homemade hot chocolate.Makes me feel dreamy and happy thinking about it.:)

Denise said...

Fall (Autumn) is my favorite season. The weather is still nice, but we don't have the heat and humidity of summer. I love looking out my window and seeing all the beautiful colors (oranges, reds, yellows). The only down side is we have a lot of trees so once the leaves fall, we have a lot of work to do!
Have a great day Lydia!

Katrinka said...

Autumn has always been my favorite season...kind of a reward for making it through the summer! But as I've gotten older, I've become very fond of summer, too. Winter is wonderful if I don't have loved ones travelling the roads a lot. Spring is beautiful, of course, but we get a lot of water in our basement and that brings me anxiety!

Judith said...

I like all the seasons but of all the seasons I like summer best. I am sad to see it leaving but on the other hand, I love your attitude. I will take on that attitude that summer is always here inside my home!!

Anonymous said...

Since fall is here and the leaves are piling up, I have to put a plug in for the no-till gardens.

This is the time of year to rake up all those wonderful fallen leaves and spread them over your garden bed so they can decompose over the winter to feed your garden for spring planting.

Even our late bearing strawberries are doing wonderfully since I put a layer of leaves around them. They are already sending out new runners for spring while still putting out big juicy berries.

Mrs. J.