Saturday, August 17, 2013

High Summer Scenes

A few scenes from the high summer days:


I like the red barn at the edge of the newly plowed field. The crop had been taken off and the soil is smooth and pretty.

It is interesting to view a scene through an oval frame created by the apple boughs.



This is a black wrought iron bench and arbor covered by grape vines where I have spent some time reading the homemaking book for girls. Taught in a gentle and simple way, it is helping me catch up on housekeeping. As a homemaker I occasionally go through stages where I seem to be treading water and getting nowhere, so reading up on it can be a bright spot of hope that eventually control will return and things will be done.

I will be glad when this author makes the book available in print-on-demand through Mag Cloud or some other printing service. It was a lot of work to print it and punch the holes for the notebook.

This is a decorative cushion i made a long time ago when I decorated a girl's room in a hat theme.


Lily Beth created the notebook by covering it with interesting scrapbook papers. Notice the handy inside cover with note papers and pockets.

A stock tank makes a very sturdy pool with enough water for cooling off in the heat of the day.



Finding Joy said...

What a pretty little setting to sit and read. WHilst you need to cool off, we are still all rugged up with the winter. But my bulbs are starting to flower and I can see spring is on its way. I took some photos this week and it was a joy to wander around the garden and see the bees busy at work and the birds singing.

Unknown said...

I have this book also. I love how you have it in such a nice notebook. I have it in one but now I want to go fix it up pretty! Marmee (Martha) is a delightful lady. I have many of her books.

Lydia said...

Susan has left a new comment on your post "High Summer Scenes":

Thank you for recommending the Homemakers Mentor. I have signed up for the freebies and find it very useful. I am on a very tight budget right now and cannot afford the whole book but it looks like a wonderful resource. I purchased "Mrs. Dunwoody's Excellent Instructions for Homekeeping" by Miriam Lukken at my library thrift sale and find it to be very useful. It has basic chapters on subjects like how to stock a linen closet that I need to learn. It also has sections on manners and etiquette and is written from the viewpoint of a homemaker in 1866. You have a lovely place to relax and the apples look delicious!

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Lydia said...

The free email newsletter is every bit as pretty and inspiring, so be sure to sign up for that if you are interested.

Printing the book is a long task, and the paper will not be as quality as it would if the author would provide a printed copy.