Saturday, August 31, 2013

Progress in the Country


This kitchen picture is from Kitchen Depot. I like the brightness and the simple light-hearted look, which is perfect for a country home or a country home appearance.

I am still in the middle of what is called High Summer, or Indian Summer. Outdoor activities are a priority, and there are plenty to choose from:

Care of these neon colored geraniums is a delight,and the colors glow in the evening.

There is still a lot of painting and sprucing up to be done on the outside of the house, but in the meantime I like to sit on the porch with my first cup of tea and write down the things that I need to do.

Blackberries are ready to be picked and put in a pie,

And I hope I can rescue some of these apples. Under the boughs is one of our grandmother's old step stool, which has been painted several times. When she was alive, it was in her kitchen, and she used it to step on to reach into her upper shelves. Other times, the steps were drawn under the seat. The children sat on the seat while visiting with her in the kitchen. These are available new, from catalogs, in many colors. I am not sure what the original design was intended for. Maybe it was a kitchen bar stool. This one is a good outdoor plant holder, when pots are on the steps and seat.


It is called a step stool chair. This one, above, is from Ginny's catalog.

This one is from Cosco
After my experience in packing up my parents things and moving my mother to a retirement place, I have decided to down-size, so I have been taking a portion of each day to put things aside for a shabby sale, with the proceeds going for my next trip to Australia to see my rellies. I have even painted a few things. I cannot mail any of this, which is why I am not selling it online, but I think some of you would love to have these cast-offs:
I have found it wise to go through posessions seasonally or yearly and make sure they are not taking up more space than is available, unless a person wants to build bigger barns.






anonymous said...

I confess I'm one of those yardsale junkies. My husband and I love to go to yardsales in the summer. We are retired seniors and are living on a pension now. So finding things with much life in them is practical. When things wear out we discard them.

You never know what you're going to find at yardsales, estate sales and thrift stores.

We find clothes for ourselves, toys for the grandchildren, great books to read and useful things for our home at a fraction of the retail price.

Sometimes when we feel we have accumulated too much, we have a yardsale of our own. We've met some really nice people this way and have made new friends. Its a great way to meet your neighbors.

Our church has an annual rummage sale to earn money for our youth camp program each year.

On one particular cold frosty morning yardsale, I put coffee and carrot cake sqrs. out for a dollar a serving. Word got around and we had a fantastic sale simply because people enjoyed the refreshment and the neighborliness.

There is definitely an art to a successful yardsale, however I believe just being fair and kind goes a long way.

Christine said...

When my mother moved from the family home and after years of accumulation (I'm saying this politely, something I learned from you, I downsized. I didn't want our children to go through, what I went through.

I like what anonymous said about holding a successful yardsale.

Rightthinker said...

I just love the light country kitchen picture, and the flowers. We are enjoying Indian Summer here, and my garden is blooming in full effect, which isn't always the case this late! What a blessing!

Love you Lady Lydia! I do miss staying in better touch with you! Hopefully once the weather calls me less to outdoors and we settle into our home school year, I will take the time I should, and catch up with you!

God Bless!

Finding Joy said...

I do a check once a year, usually in summer and take a heap of stuff to the charity bin (or see if my sons want it for their homes). Only last weekend I took two large bags of books for charity. Now I have room for some more books!!!

Unknown said...

To tell the truth: what first attracted me to your lovely blog were the pictures. To put it like a cliche: it was picture-perfect.
..and then I started reading your texts.
Now, I'm a regular here.
Keep up the good work, and spread the good words, dear.


living from glory to glory said...

Hello, I also try to downsize our possessions a couple times of year. My hubby says to me, when I bring something home is, okay honey what's going :)
We have quit going to yard sales anymore... It does feel good to get the excess cleaned out. For I do not want to have to build bigger barns.
Blessings, Roxy

Decor To Adore said...

My own granny had a silver and gold fleck upholstered step stool. Sigh, the memories. WE are piling things up for a yard sale in a few weeks.

Mary said...

Luscious black berries!