Sunday, November 03, 2013

A Busy Day

Memories by George Henry Boughton, American, 1833-1905
The soft blue in the painting featured here is similar to the blue spruce that I used for mantel decor along with the bluish pumpkins.
The advantage of natural seasonal decor is that I do not have to store it in a box and when it is thrown outside it goes to seed and grows more for next year.
It has been a busy day here housekeeping, so I took a little time to do some more light hearted things. I have been trying to do a small, creative thing each day.

This typewriter rubber stamp that I have used to embellish some paper with, is the closest I have come to a real typewriter in a long time. Despite the conveniences of computers, I really miss the old typewriters, especially the portable ones. There was no losing all your letter by touching the wrong key. I found this rubber stamp at the fabric store when it was having a huge discount on their stamping selections.

This is a set of dishes I do not use very much and had considered selling it. It is not fine china, and it came from a grocery store promotion about 20 years ago. I was In The Dollar Tree today and noticed this stemware glass for $1.00 so I purchased just one of them. I wanted to see if it matched the plates before I got more, and the colors are similar. I think the goblet is an autumn item but it is going to work out well with these rose dishes. The glass is very sturdy too, and not delicate at all, so the quality is quite similar. I am more interested in using this set now that I have found some matching goblets at such a small price! There were some other colors of stemware there but I did not have time to really look at them.

The dollar store just got a supply of these led-lite pillar candles, and this time they change colors. I tried them out in the store before I selected the ones I wanted to buy, to make sure they all worked. Here they are sitting on that old candelabra that was supposed to be in my yard sale a few months ago.

I hope you are having a lovely day and including something restful and creative that gives your heart peace. I am looking forward to addressing a few more serious subjects later, so please check back again.


I am trying also to remember to go outside each day, and today I saw such pretty foliage that looked good with this cup.


anonymous said...

I love the blue spruce and blue pumpkin mantel decor you used. Its a nice transition from Autumnal decor to Winter.

I still have Autumn decor in golds, oranges and russets with bits of green all around my place.
Have been too busy myself raking fallen leaves for my garden to do much else lately.

A year ago a neighbor gave us a very small dogwood in a pot. It was lovely and green during the summer, but has turned a deep burgundy color for winter. It matches the leaves around your teacup.
Thank you for sharing.

Mrs. J.

LadyLydia said...

Thanks Janet. You have a lovely home.

Laura Santos said...

I think you must have the best Dollar store around. You always find such great things. Maybe I just don't have a good "eye." (smiles)

I agree with Mrs. J that your decorations are a good transition from Autumn to Winter...just exchange the pumpkins for pine cones and red bows.

It is always a delight to visit your blog.

LadyLydia said...

I appreciate the comment Laura

Gayle said...

I love the greenery,it is so pretty with the pumpkin.Thank you for sharing that you try to fit in one creative thing each day. I have been trying that too and it really does help me to feel more joyful about things.And I agree with Laura Santos, you must have a wonderful dollar store.I never find the pretty things you do at ours.

LadyLydia said...

The local dollar tree store is not always full of nice things. If you you can get there when they have stocked their shelves for a new season you can find t
A few good things. For example the soap I showed here a few weeks ago is not there anymore. And the led light automatic color changing pillar candles. Are going fast.

LadyLydia said...

You still have to be price wary at dollar tree stores because often Walmart has similar items under a dollar or in packages of several for a dollar

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing your findings from your Dollar Tree store. I love your ideas both for decorating and for scheduling our time. I think having a creative outlet is something women need and something that I lack at times. I know I can get too involved in creative projects, so I haven't been scheduling them into my days and just try to focus on managing the home, because it's a mess and has been for a while. When I get my new "library" bookcases, I think it will be easier.

Have a blessed day,

Magnolia Tea said...

I love those roses dishes and the goblets, they're a good match and so pretty for the holidays. I have two sets of transfer ware dishes that aren't china that I don't use often, but we use my china (Butterfly Meadow by Lenox) for everyday because it's less likely to break. That may be backwards to how others use their dishes, but it works for us.
Have a great evening. :)

LadyLydia said...

Bonnie, if people really want to see pink and frills, they will have to look at some of the blogs on my sidebar, as they wont see it in my living room. My wicker is over a hundred years old and the cushions have been covered many times over the years. I decorate with some of my husbands mothers things, which he grew up with. I. Their day, couples even had crochet edge pillow cases and embroidered pillow cases and the men never complained. Grappas mother made them and he was proud to use them. They had chenille bedspreads and crochet table cloths and used them regularly. This was before the day when the stores made the bed in a bag ensembles in different colors. I do the best with what I have and no one who comes here really notices anything but light and bright and cheerful . The house tends to be dark and my husband suggested that in order to make my life's work here easier, he should paint the panelling a light color and has painted it white and other tints of white over the years. When he buys flowers for me he buys the light colored ones to go with the house, and he does not feel the least threatened by the lighter softer de or. He takes a nap on that couch every day. Because I use so many vintage things, I have looked a interior scenes in movies like the quiet man and others to see what people used. In the quiet man, Kate had her candle sticks and her table cloths and dishes , things that help a woman make a house a home. But like I said, please have a look at the sidebar blogs and you will find there are many other homes that use the lighter colors. I would love to have a different look some day, of course

Amanda said...

Wow, I would have walked right by those colorful LED candles. You took something that in one setting might look tacky and made it very classy. You are great at decorating. I hope one day soon I will have more time for these kinds of things.


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