Friday, February 14, 2014

A Special Day For Everyone

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Yesterday 7 ladies visited for lunch and endless cups of tea. We had an interesting gift exchange called "I-Don't-Want-it-Anymore." The ladies were ultra-polite and no one would volunteer to pick first. Everyone wanted to let all others go first and be last.
We did manage not to out-polite each other too much and eventually ladies took home the thing they liked best. I forgot to take a photo of the collection of items in the basket. There were hand crocheted trivits and homemade jellies, candles in very pretty frosted/etched jars, hand sewn aprons, and issues of tea-time magazine.
We studied the love of God from the Bible and sang the hymn "The Love of God." I found it on YouTube here.

Although I did not get time to send out any Valentine cards, I wanted to make a special one for all my readers and show you how to make one that is not too complicated. We all have homes to look after and people that constantly need us, so simple projects are the best.

You can get these paper hearts at the dollar stores in white, pink and red.Glue them on to paper or card stock in a contrasting color so that it shows through the lace nicely.

Try a white backing with red hearts and a red backing with white hearts, for contrast. Then add whatever clip-art you have on hand, placing all the do-dads in a balanced way.

I used some glittered foam hearts that have sticky backing, and some stick-on paper flowers. Since the word "love" is embossed on these lace doilies, I filled the word with a coordinating color felt pen.

Find ribbon or string and tie it through punched holes. I used something called metallic cord, found in fabric stores.

Another thing I found at the dollar store was packages of ruffled fabric chiffon hearts in red and pink. I thought it might easy to use them to make a Valentine necklace, using the cord, tied in a bow at the back.
To make this easy necklace, peel off the paper on the back of each heart and stick the heart on the chord.

Then turn the necklace over and re-stick the dots of paper you peeled off, to secure the heart and keep the extra sticky areas covered. You can hand stitch these if you like.


Hearts are a year-round favorite and there is no reason that something like this could not be given to someone any time. In the U.S. , Valentines day is for everyone and we use it as an opportunity to express sentiment in special ways, from the making of special tea parties or meals, to giving pretty things to children, friends and family.

While I was putting these things together I was thinking how important courtesy is in making life tolerable and enjoyable even in difficulties. Some people say that the Bible has nothing to say about etiquette or polite manners, but a big part of the teachings of Christ are about treating others with love. That is the essence of courtesy.

Sometimes people imply that niceties are trivial and affectatious or insincere and ridiculous, but even polite small talk has its place, as it keeps temperaments level and eases tense moments. When we are without power for heat and light, it is essential to put on our best manners because it makes the situation more tolerable.

When funds are low and the future is uncertain, you can still have your good nature and your politeness. In hard times, a sweet disposition is worth a lot.Looking after the comfort of others naturally makes us forget ourselves. In inclement weather or times of upheaval, statements like, "things will get better soon" and "can I bring you anything to make you more comfortable?" are so important. It keeps your mind off misery and focuses on making things better.



Becoming a Woman of Excellence said...

So pretty ! With Love Jasmina

Unknown said...

Good morning Lady Lydia,

Such a lovely post this morning! Thank you for sharing.

Speaking of niceties, my daughter and I use tea parties to help teach my 5 granddaughters good manners. We had another one on Valentine's Day and had so much fun decorating and planning the menu. We learn one manner at each tea party and then use the time inbetween parties to practice the manner. So far, we have learned to put out napkins in our laps, to serve guests first, to wait until the hostess is seated before beginning to eat, and this time we learned to always pass food to the right (unless the person needing something is someone close to us on our left, and then it is alright to give it to them.)

It is having lasting effects as they are taking what they've learned home and are teaching their brother good manners! They do not realize it now, but they will be much more confident in public situations if the manners they have learned are second nature.

Thank you so much for all you do to encourage us as homemakers. For such a time as this you have been called to be an example to us in this world that is slowly losing regard for good manners.

Lydia said...

Jasmine, thank you.

Vickie, I agree these manners are so important. They do not seem lightweight when you understand the deeper meaning. Manners are a way of showing kindness to others and also bring dignity to yourself. Manners make the difference between being civilized or savage.

I once stayed in a hotel for a wedding of a military family. Their military friends always said hello ma'am and excuse me sir and thank you or good morning and good afternoon every time they were in the elevator or passing in the halls. This seemed silly at first but looking back on it, I realize it out everyone at ease, which is a very thoughtful and sacrificial thing to do. Manners are small gestures that seem insignificant but play an enormous part in keeping life happy and worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

A very nice post, with much food for thought.
I didn't make any Valentine cards this year, but I will save your ideas for another time.
Blessings to you!

living from glory to glory said...

Good Morning, We have a wonderful day planned with our Grandson, as he has just turned 13 years of age. And we believe manners for most of the last few generations have just been lost. We must as a family and society must redeem the quality or we lose the element all together.
Good manners and common courtesy will never go out of style.
Loved this so much; Thank You Lydia!
Blessings, Roxy