Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Colors in the Rain



A Pinterest picture of white and pale pink peonies. What a lovely vase.


The rain has been pouring down for several days. My front porch ranunculus are liking every splash, well as the primroses

and daffodils.



I stepped out to get the pictures taken and it was uncomfortably cold, so I am indoors, but there is always plenty to do.

Having these blossoms growing outside is like looking out the window to bouquets in their own vases, and they last longer than cut flowers.


I found this waterproof garden plaque at Dollar Tree, for of course, a dollar. I mention the price because sometimes things are 50 cents. There was a collection of these plaques that look like old pieces of wood, in different colors and words. This one matched the primroses the best. Each plaque has something that looks like beach glass imbedded in it.

I think this verse is interesting:

Psa 72:6    He shall come down like rain upon the mown grass: as showers that water the earth.

Did they mow their grass back in those days, or was it considered "mown" after the cattle or sheep had grazed it?




Anonymous said...

Hi Cousin,

Such beautiful pictures! I think they probably did have tools to mow grass in those days. They had musical instruments and Noah built an ark of gopher wood. That must've required some suitable tools, for that's a tough type of wood.


Cousin Rosemi

Lydia said...

Oh thank you cousin Rosemi. That is a good reminder of the technology of that era. There were many things they made that we have today.

Rightthinker said...

How "Spring things" are just starting to peek-a-boo at's fairly early for us to see green at all, but this season seems to be anxious to begin, as we've seen things emerging for a couple of weeks. All my chives are up, and some other fun things, and even my ever-bearing strawberries are getting green leaves!

Unknown said...

Here is central Pennsylvania we are cold with our high temperatures about 20 degrees below normal. But the sun is shining and my crocus are finally blooming. I usually have peas, onions, spinach, lettuce and beets in the garden but this year even the professional farmers in Lancaster are struggling to break up the soil and get things planted. Monday I went to Dollar tree and picked up some pretty pink artificial cherry blossoms and used them to surround a large bouquet of pink peonies in an old fashioned blue and white pitcher and bowl that sits on my cherry bedroom triple dresser. It looks so cheery and encourages me that spring is only around the corner! Today I made an indoor picnic for our supper: oven fried chicken, baked beans, macaroni salad, deviled eggs, and some brownies. I have put a green checked tablecloth on the table and I think it will be a nice welcome home for my husband. Thank you for posting the lovely pictures of your flowers and your wise words of encouragement to so many around the world!

SharonR said...

Cousin Rosemi is right. Genesis 4 tells about Jubal, the father of musical instruments and his brother, Tubel-Cain, the father, or rather, instructor, of brass and iron crafts. Such intelligence, and just a few generations from the beginning of life. Thanks for sharing all the beauty again.

anonymous said...

I really enjoy the vibrancy of all the spring flowers popping up everywhere. We couldn't get these beauties to grow in California, its too dry and hot.
I couldn't wait till we moved to Oregon to grow them and planted cottage garden flower beds as fast as possible adding to it yearly.
Planted Daphne last year. They are very fragrant pink clusters on a bush.
Thank you for sharing.
Mrs. J.

Finding Joy said...

I wandered around my garden this morning and everything was looking so lush and green after raining all week. Even though I don't have any flowers at the moment (as we enter winter), the raindrops on the leaves were so pretty.

The vase is very nice but with a curious cat who would want to check out the flowers, I would be too concerned she would knock it over!

You plaque was a lovely find and would brighten up any corner.

Anonymous said...

I cannot resist ranunculous ~ they are a gorgeous colour, yours, and even prettierwith a few 'crystal'
raindrops on them! I love how you make a positive pleasure out of all types of weather including rain :)
Coincidentally, I have just posted about March showers (sort of)...

Biblical mowing...well, maybe they called scything long grass for hay/animal fodder 'mowing'??

Happy times to you,
God bless.