Monday, April 14, 2014

Victorian Style Clothing

Today I enjoyed picking out several dresses to showcase here. They come from a site that has many new dresses of various eras in history, made to order. The dresses are as pretty as the 19th century paintings.
Check at the end for some patterns I have included for the stitchers.
Woodbines, by William Affleck, 1869-1943

Click on the name of the dress to read more and see other fabrics in which it is made.


Painting by Alfred Corbould, 1852



Calico Skirt and Blouse

Find florals like this at Shabby Fabrics



Here are some sewing patterns, from Rising Phoenix pattern company.

An old Jessica McClintock pattern

More patterns available from the recent pattern books in your fabric stores.

Homestead dress from Cattle Kate



Prairie Dancer dress from Cattle Kate


Cattle Kate


1990s patterns that will work for dresses at home in the Victorian style.




SharonR said...

What a beautiful web site! Thank you for guiding us to it.

Blessed Homemaking said...

Oh how pretty! If only ladies still dressed like ladies! (I know some do, but...not the majority).
I wish they didn't cost so much. I especially like the burgundy skirt with floral top.

Shani said...

Oh, these are just lovely! I have been trying to slowly change my wardrobe from "all skirts" to include some dresses and to make it all more feminine. I've determined sewing my own clothing is the only way to accomplish this. Why, oh why, is it so very easy to purchase feminine clothing and fabric in Australia/NZ and England (loads of florals in everything, from kitchenware to handbags to clothing, from what I can see online), and so difficult to find pretty prints of quality cloth for a reasonable price here in the U.S.? The floral dress is very much like one I had in the late 80's as a teenager - the late 80's and early 90's florals were so very lovely.

I love all of your posts, but the ones on dresses and femininity are my favorites. :) Such beautiful eye candy while on my 'coffee break.' I just took homemade granola out of the oven and am waiting for my laundry to finish to hang it up. Thank you for this inspirational break in my day.
God bless you, Lady Lydia!
Shani in IL

Lydia said...

You can order floral fabric online at shabby fabrics.

Lisa said...

Thanks for mentioning Shabby Fabrics - I hadn't heard of it. That last Laura Ashley pattern - I used to own it, but I never made it up.

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Lydia, This has inspired me to try my hand at a new dress soon.
I saved this site to my favorites to check it out for a pattern. I must just get into my old pattern box and see what I can find!
Wishing you a blessed Easter!
Thank You!
Yours, Roxy

Jennifer Lamont Leo said...

I have purchased several dresses from Recollections--dresses, blouses, skirts, and a vest--and I vouch for the high quality. My dresses are of sturdy cotton, well sewn, nicely finished, and the fit is true. I love them and plan on wearing them a long time.