Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Day Away

The view from my front window is so pleasant these days. I was reluctant to leave, but an opportunity came to visit the coast.

The coastline paths were carpeted with little wax-like "bells" .
The wild roses were intensely fragrant.

This is the Pacific Ocean, and the closest I can get to Australia for now.

It was a beautiful trip and we ate at a restaurant with a window view of the ocean, which shimmered and glistened in the sun. Overhead the seagulls were gently gliding with the gentle wind. I forgot about taking pictures.

We were gone from early morning til late at night. The beach was so warm that we stayed longer than we planned, and the coastal shops were closed so we did not get to visit them. Now I am home catching up with the usual mess that results after a day trip. I hope to post again soon, but I am wanting to go back soon.

I would like to have a cottage on the coast, wouldn't you? That is probably not possible for most of us, butthankfully there are rentals, motels, guest houses and Bed and breakfasts on the coast. Something like hat can be our home on the coast, and then the housekeeping and meals are all done for us. I forgot to take pictures of the guest houses I saw.

Tomorrow I host the ladies Bible class, so I will try to remember to get pictures of the tea foods.

Thank you all for visiting.


susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

What beautiful scenery! How fortunate you are to be just a day away from the coast.

Thank you for showing us.

OzzieLiz said...

What lovely photos. I live in Australia, near the ocean, and still yearn for the kind of countryside I see on this post! How odd. What did you wear for your day out? I'm fascinated by your 'dress wearing' and find it inspiring. Thank you.

OzzieLiz said...

What lovely photos. I live in Australia, near the ocean, and still yearn for the kind of countryside I see on this post! How odd. What did you wear for your day out? I'm fascinated by your 'dress wearing' and find it inspiring. Thank you.

LadyLydia said...

The nearest beach is an hour away but we travelled further to see some other things. I am usually home in the afternoon if info to the coast in the morning. I wore a pink dresses and pink crochet cardigan the color of the inside of a murex shell.

anonymous said...

I have not tried to go to the coast of Oregon since moving here. It is much prettier then the San Diego coast of which I am familiar with.

The wax like bells look like Salal berries and can be used to make jams, and preserves. Can't remember what they taste like.

I so love the fragrance of the wild roses. Each year I think I should take cuttings of the wild roses to start in my own yard, but haven't gotten to it yet.

Thank you for sharing, Mrs. J

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I live 2 ½ miles from the beach. But my beach in Hermosa Beach doesn't look like your beach. A beach cottage here goes for more than $1 million dollars.

We're having a heat wave and fire danger now. It's just past 11am and 94ยบ already. The beach cities are warmer than the inland areas.

San Diego County has more than 11 wildfires burning and the authorities just said on the news that they may be man set. I can't understand how someone could set a fire that causes such awful damage.

Your photos are lovely. Glad you got to enjoy your day away. (I was gone for 12 days and am still cleaning up the mess my husband created).

living from glory to glory said...

Dearest Lydia,I am so glad you were able to go to the shore for the day!
I love the smell of the ocean and the sound of the waves coming ashore! I ran out early the other morning and cut a few clips of my Lilacs as we were getting a freeze. So I did get to enjoy the lovely scent of them! Been deep cleaning my kitchen all morning. I need to take a rest and wanted to send a hello your way!
I cut out two new apron patterns as my older ones are getting very worn out!
Thinking of you! Roxy

Valerie said...

How lovely! I would love to have a cottage by the sea some day. =) So nice that you could get away. Such gorgeous photos. Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie

LadyLydia said...

Susie, thank you for dropping by. It only takes an hour to get to the coast but one day I am going to spend the night their to experience walking up to the ocean.

OzzieLiz, I visit the Mornington Peninsula when I go to Australia to see my relatives, and there are many coastal views. Most towns have an Oceanside view.

LadyLydia said...

Mrs. j the wild roses were a deep rose and very large. They seemed to be thriving better in the wind of the coast.

Hermosa Beach looks very nice. On the off season maybe it is not so populated and you can have it to yourself.

Rox, inhopento go again soon and this time remember to take more pictures to post.

Julia Tieber said...

How beautiful! Would be really nice to live in a cottage on the coast! Or to live in a country with a coastline ;-)

Greetings from Austria, Julia

Kit said...

The Mornington Peninsula is a wonderful part of the world. I spent most of my summer holidays there - some of my happiest memories are of Mt Martha beach or running through the mazes up on the hill. I hope you are able to return here again soon!


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