Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Things I Have Always Wanted to Make

This year I am trying to make a few things that I have always wanted to try:  sheets, a wedding dress from muslin or eyelet, accessories, furnishings, a trousseau, and hats.  Above, is a completed hat from a pattern I ordered in 1987.  Life got too busy for me at that time and for decades I looked at this pattern, thought it might be too complicated, and put it away.  I got it out and chose the wired design (putting a a thin wire inside at the edges of the hat so it is bendable into a shape if desired) and used all my scraps of iron-on interfacing on the inside.

As for the directions in the booklet, they were so complicated that my eyes crossed trying to read them. I had made simple cloth hats before with commercial patterns, so I used the knowledge I already had, to put the pieces together. Also take note if you so have this pattern, the small size fits a child, and even though you add your own seam allowance and it claims to be so many inches, it won't fit anyone but a child, so the next time I will make a large.

A few posts ago I took some time to follow up on my idea of making a set of sheets from muslin fabric.  I am happy to report that the couple I gave it to say the sheets are just fine and they prefer them. Lately, a friend suggested getting the cheaper, low thread-count cotton sheets and adding fabric trim.  If it works out to be cheaper, I certainly might try it.

I wanted a new tablecloth but I have not had good results with synthetic tablecloths that are sold today, as the threads tend to catch and pull and stains are not easy to remove, so today I cut out a tablecloth using an older one as a pattern. I used 108 inch muslin but I think 50 inch would work fine.  Using the old tablecloth as a pattern, I folded it twice, in forths, did the same with the fabric and laid the old table cloth on top the new fabric.  Then I cut around it and tore some extra strips of fabric for a ruffle..

I am sure you are thinking that with the world of disasters and politics crashing around us,meow can she post about sewing a hat and a tablecloth.  Well, I have a good answer for that oft-asked question: the world of network news and turmoil is their business, but my home life and the church is my business. 

Many women at home have unlimited access to the workd's bad news, causing them worry and then they cannot focus wholeheartedly on their own business, the tasks God gave them in Titus 2:1-8 (yes, "that Titus2 stuff" as one woman sarcastic told me) 1st Timothy 5:14 and more. 

If you ever get a chance to look at the timeline of political events during the life of Christ you will see military upheaval and popular philosophical falsehoods all around Him, but He preached about a different kingdom, one which would exist alongside the the kingdoms of this world. It was about those who would be in His kingdom by obeying his new covenant and following His principles.  So we see the lady in the home is really living out her good citizenship in the Lord's kingdom, for the Bible teaches her to be busy at home, to mind her business, and to look to the spiritual welfare of her home.

This is what the homemaking blogs are all about: ladies sharing their homes and showing some of their  accomplishments while working the work that God gave them in caring for husband, children if any, house, hospitality , teaching, and so forth.  There is so much to be done for the home---and believe me, the home is threatened in so many ways, that the best thing you can do is be content to guide and guard your home.  The bad news  isn't going to help you do it; the Good News is.  

Sometimes I suspect when the media gets wind of the fact people are ignoring their sky-is-falling reports, they create even more threatening news to make us pay attention and tremble over it, even at home where we are trying to make a supportive haven for people who need the respite.

I found this picture on Soft Surroundings to give me an idea of the kind of feeling of serenity I would like to put into all my rooms, by innovating and using what is available to me without cost. At the end of the day my guests, my family and my husband do not care what the news media is reporting with its loud blaring voice: they want a place to sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, and Amen. This helped me to get my mind focused on His will and to leave the rest in His Hands. My blog will definitely be taking a new focus.
You are a blessing to so many
Hugs and more hugs

Lydia said...

blessed day to you, Lydia!

I have been greatly encouraged by your reiterating in recent blog posts about what our business at home truly is, biblically. I was reading your most recent post today and was particularly struck by the following sentence. At the end of the day my guests, my family and my husband do not care what the news media is reporting with its loud blaring voice: they want a place to sleep. So true! Though in my case, I still have a son at home, and both he and my husband would say they want dinner and a place to sleep. :-D

anonymous said...

Oh I'm so glad you posted about making sheets, pillowcases, and tablecloths.
I have something to share with you.

Sometime ago I was given two sets of tablecloths. They were made of one hundred percent cotton upholstery fabric. I found this was far less costly when on sale than plain cotton and much wider. The quality was good heavy grade and laid nicely on the table. It was completely durable and machine washable.

Other fabric that is good for lighter weight tablecloths are the Kona cotton and Country Classic cotton. Both are sold in 108 and 120" widths.

Your photo of the bed covering set with matching pillows looks so inviting and luxurious including neck roll pillow and matching Afghan.

Christine said...

You inspire me to turn inward and turn off the outer noise.
You have also inspired me to bring out my sewing machine!
Use what you have, kind of things that keep me busy, happy and productive at home.

quakerhillfarm said...

Amen! We were shown very clearly that we should get rid of our TV. I have NOT missed it one bit. Of course there are other forms of media, but you are so right that it is the news media business to divert our attention from what our God given role in the home is. We had a satellite on our house for the TV. The Lord had made it very clear he did not want us to have it, but we had procrastinated in getting rid of it. Along came a huge wind storm and the ONLY thing that happened to our home was it completely knocked the satellite off the house! He took care of our procrastination for us! I go days without even caring what is said on the news! As an added bonus that freed a lot of money per month that could be used in other more appropriate places! Thanks for posting! Lynn

anonymous said...

The hat fabric is beautiful and the hat is lovely with that big ribbon. Glad you finally got to work on it.

Some people seem to do well with the background noise of tv going constantly.
Unless I purposely want to view a program, to have it on and chattering all day is very distracting and annoying to me. Sometimes I like quiet or some music playing quietly in the background. Mostly I prefer the sound of birds singing or to listen to the creek flowing by. It's peaceful and one can think, read, pray or listen for the voice of the Lord.

Thank you for sharing, Janet.

ladypinktulip said...

Wonderful inspiring post. I love what you said about our homes and church being our sphere of influence and life. How much happier we are when we focus on those. God is Sovereign over man's affairs and it behooves us to focus on the beauty and positivity of things in our lives. I too have some new home craft ideas I want to try. I want to paint old tires in pretty colors like bright pink and lavender and use them as garden containers for tomato plants etc. Many more ideas in my notebook too. Blessings sister....Mrs. Kelly Thompson

Sibyl said...

Lady Lydia I want to let you know that your writings encourage me more than a little bit. I appreciate all that you write. I make my own table cloths also because I want it to be in patterns that I just can not purchase already made. Recently I found a nice source of 108 inch give or take wide fabric that has nice prints. The prices are very nice also. It is a web store called I have ordered from them numerous times. If you find things you like, if you order a whole bolt of fabric and call their store you can get wholesale prices without being a wholesale vendor. Usually it is about 1/3 off their prices--which were very reasonable to start with. You got me thinking of making more table cloths.

I also love your hat. I know it is disappointing when you make something than it doesn't fit. Maybe your granddaughter will be able to wear it. I have ventured into making my own purses. My daughter and I are having fun choosing fabric to make our bags. That way no one will have one just like ours.

Thank you so much for guiding so many of us mothers, wives, and daughters of the King. May you have a blessed day.


Finding Joy said...

I have been wanting to try making a handbag, there are so many beautiful patterns but I haven't yet got up the courage to try one. Maybe I should find some cheap fabric and give one a go and if it doesn't work it don't be a big waste.

Sibyl said...

@Finding Joy

If you are wanting to try your hand at making a handbag. There is a nice site that sells patterns, but she also has a few free patterns. It is called Her instructions are very well laid out. She gives good pictures on how it is to go together. I have made quite a few of them--can be fun choosing your fabric and such. If you are afraid of trying it--use some "crummy" fabric first to get the steps down first.

Sparykys9 said...

I had to smile about the eyelet wedding dress. This, too, has been a life long wish for me. Something along the lines one the dress "with blue satin sashes" sung about in the Sound of Music. We are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary next year, and have discussed renewing our vows. I think that would be reason enough. :)

Lydia said...

The hem ruffle gives the garment a more finished look, and makes the dress not cling so much, due to that little extra weight of the ruffle.