Friday, July 31, 2015

A Nice Gift

  Two ladies came to tea  Monday and brought me this: tea towels with handmade yoyos, dish liquid, and old Laura Ashley patterns.

Here is one of my centerpieces using a lemon squeezer and flowers floating in water.

Also, an old tin mail box, with a floral inserted,  for the office area.


Unknown said...

So sweet! Christina

Dawn said...

Your guests certainly know what you like in regards to the Laura Ashley patterns.

The green mailbox with flowers is just darling.

I like your green glass citrus juicer. Floating flowers in it is a novel idea.

anonymous said...

My mother always loved to float flowers in a dish of water. And Victorians did also. Your idea using the green juicer is wonderful. It sure sets off the color in the flowers.

You definitely have an eye for beauty Lydia. Thank you for sharing with us.


Unknown said...

The basket full of a few simple items embellished with love and time and thoughtfulness mean so much to a woman's heart. They must think a great deal of you to take the time to find a pattern in your size. Have a wonderful time of sharing with each other!

ladypinktulip said...

What a lovely gift! I love the pink dish soap too. Kelly Thompson

Lydia said...

Ladies, Thank you. I have other events coming up that I will try to share, to0.