Thursday, July 09, 2015

A Pretty Print

(Above, some delightful cotton fabric for a garment I finished sewing yesterday.)

The other day I posted a little bit about being alone at home and how you have to be self motivated and not wait for someone to tell you what to do next.  If you train your children to think this way, they will never have a problem being busy and productive.  We also talked about the fact that you have to work on your own as a homemaker is something many women are not prepared for, and it can be quite a challenge.  This is a subject I would like to pursue, either with comments or in future posts.

I don't actually sew a dress a day, I finish a dress a day.  Sometimes I cut out some fabric, and then have to leave the project for awhile, so I finish it in increments.  Yesterday I finished sewing from one of these New Look patterns that I have been trying to do a set of clothes from. I do have other patterns but this one has no zip or buttons and it is easy to sew.

Here is the dress on a hanger,  Using sleeves from an older pattern and an obi sash.

Even without the sash it is a nice dress to wear at home.

If you know the downside of getting your picture taken, you know that your idea of what it needs to look like is never understood by the photographer unless it is someone who has also had bad pictures taken of them and knows what bothers you.  I have given up trying to get a good picture of me, as they are usually blurry or have a shadow somewhere that is not flattering (under the chin) or they catch you with one eye shut, etc.  so now, I am just happy if someone can get a picture that at least has a form that I can paint, and when I paint it, I alter it completely, as you see :-)

I like the way the style of the sleeves, sash and ruffled trim at the hem gives the dress a country-western look.  Of all the ones I have made so far, the Aqua one is the most comfortable. You can see it a few posts back.

Maybe you are curious to know a bit about the way I draw. I do not know what happened to my camera focus but the pictures were in my album before I had discovered the blurriness, and then, it was to late to take more, as I finished the picture.  

Here are the pictures anyway.  I do a lot of erasing, and re-drawing. You can see on the above picture how I drew in the arms and then changed my mind, re-drew them and erased them, below.

Here is one with the black ink outline.

And here it is all colored in.

I am planning on taking an art course but I have been too busy doing this to even glance at the first lesson.  The only way I am going to be able to concentrate on studying anything else is to get away from my sewing machine, my kitchen and my laundry room.  I need to get clear out of town where there are no distractions or work piled up in that back room!


living from glory to glory said...

Hello Lydia, You look very lovely in that dress and photo. And yes, you really must take an art class as you have a very good eye for drawing and color. I think sewing keeps us busy and the rewards are worth it. This year I have had to work outside so much! I also think your last post on learning to be motivated was so right on! We use to call that being a self starter.
I appreciate your words and calming insight!
Yours, Roxy

Rachel and Family said...

That turned out so beautiful. I just love it. You wear it well too. How talented you are and committed to finish your projects!
I was just curious, do you wear your dresses out on errands? Special dates? Church? Or around home?

Anonymous said...

Just looking at your lovely dresses makes me want to go back to sewing once again. Thank you Lydia. :)

Lydia said...

These dresses I wear everywhere. i designed them for the wear and tear of the home me to be presentable enough to wear to the stores, church and social activities.

Lydia said...

Thanks Roxy. That is the expressions: a self starter. A person who is a self starter has enough resourcefulness and determination and vision to find a work they need to do and to do it. They look around and see what they can do next. They thrive on accomplishment. What is great about the accomplishments of homemaking is they are so personal, as they are for yourself and your loved ones.

anonymous said...

you look beautiful in everything you were. My mom always said that a smile always adds the finishing touch to every photo of you. She also said you are very photogenic. She is right.

I like the tossed rose print fabric and the pretty dress you made from it. Very feminine.

Your drawings look like you've had some instruction in inks. My sister in-law was a very accomplished artist and often did inks. Her drawings were pretty, but I often wished she had colored them as you do. It adds so much depth and dimension. Makes the picture come alive.

Thank you for sharing inspiration with us.


Alex said...

It's a lovely dress, and suits you very well! I love small prints :)
Your painting of fabric is clever, with hints of the pattern and drape of it ~ you have a talent and I hope you can find time to do that art course sometime soon...
Have a relaxing Saturday, Lady Lydia.

Lydia said...

Wales, thank you. i hope I can get better at both the sewing and sketching. Some fabrics do not drape the same as others and although this fabric was higher quality I do not enjoy wearing the dress as much as the Aqua one in a previous post.

ladypinktulip said...

Very Pretty print! - Kelly Thompson

BoysMom said...

You have helped inspire me to get back to sewing. Little Baby #6 is ten months old, and I hadn't done any but mending since she was born.
Today I made her sister, who is three, a skirt out of some fabric I had around. There is enough more of the fabric to make matching skirts for Baby and I as well. It is white with red and green apples, red strawberries, and yellow oranges or maybe they are lemons, very lightweight and perfect for hot summer weather.
The boys (four of them) are all out of luck for now, but I don't think they would like the fabric anyway. Boys' clothing is harder to sew, but I hope to make them all matching jammies before Christmas. Now if only I could find what had happened to my pins . . . I have everything I need to attempt a shirt for my husband except the pins and the courage!

Joyful said...

You look lovely in that dress.

quakerhillfarm said...

I agree we must teach our children and grandchildren to be self starters. I will never forget the joy I had when I left the work place and "stayed home" with our boys. There was no greater joy to see their "bent" in life develop using their God given abilities. Now I have the privilege in seeing our Grandchildren develop and what better opportunity and example for them when I am productive and creative. Thank you once again for inspiring words!