Sunday, December 25, 2016

Taking Tea at the Movies

Most family movies now have a teacup scene. Above RCMP officer Jack takes tea in the saloon on When Calls The Heart Season 1. It looks like the pattern found in many Canandian homes, called "The Friendly Village."  Below: tea scene in A Christmas to Remember, just now released:

Someone told me Walmart was serving paper cups of tea on a cold winter day last week, and customers were calmlly shopping while sipping tea.  I wish all shops would do this.


Lynn said...

How FUN to know that of Walmart!

vintage ellen said...

A friend gave me a magnet for my refrigerator that says "Where there is tea, there is hope". My sentiments exactly! The first cup of tea in the morning is always the best. Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Lydia, I love the tv series When Calls the Heat. I love having tea time.☕