Thursday, April 27, 2017

For Your Relax Time

A few pictures from Pinterest:


Deborah Law said...

I have such a Hard Time Relaxing.........I am a Grandmother & keep my 3 Grandkids a lot.........I cook for them about 3-4 times a week & help with buying things they want & need & groceries sometimes too to help out Them & Their Parents........I have my own HomeCaring to do, not such a Large Home here, 5 Room Home, but we live in every inch of it!! My Husband is a workaholic whom cannot Relax....I think I have picked up a lot of it from Him........Huuuuum??????? I almost, maybe I do feel guilty for wanting to take a trip, even a small one as ALL THE THINGS that need to be done at Home, that HE is not here to do.........I need Guidance on how to Take Better Care of Myself in this area...........I so do APPRECIATE every ounce of Guidance, Love, Motivation & Inspiration that YOU give to Me/Us.........I so look forward to Your Post..........I am a Christian & am 65 years old.........Thank You for listening & any help YOU can deliver to me, I will Love & Appreciate.........Thank YOU!!

ladypinktulip said...

I love looking at tea scapes. Just love it. I have a lot of them on my pinterest as well. I so long to go to a tea room! Kelly T.

#goingham said...

Absolutely divine! I am encouraged by this blog. God bless all of you ladies!

anonymous said...

I noticed in the photo at the top of the page, the order isn't the same as the chart.
Do you think this matters as long as the order of eating is known?

When the waitress brings the stack to the table, its usually placed at one end of the table. At some tea parties I have noticed that the ladies try to pass the whole stack at once and this can't be managed without standing up and lifting the heavy structure.
Seems like it would be much easier to take a plate off the stack and pass it around, then replace it before passing the next plate of goodies. This way the whole table doesn't have to be upset and rearranged to make place for the stack.

anonymous said...

How inviting that table looks. Thank you for sharing. Makes me want to go put a tea table together right now.


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