Friday, October 06, 2017

Sewing: I Am Almost Finished

Hello Ladies,

You were probably wondering how I was going to make this unusual print into a stylish dress. So was I and that is why I spent too much time eyeing it and folding it to get the print right-side-up.  It is called "Correspondence" from a company called Essentials. Since it is over 100 inches wide, it  is used by quilters for quilt backings, and it comes in blue and mint green, although those colors were not available at Joannes when I got this. 
 I have put it on the dress form and made some extra tucks to give it better shape. After that, the dress needs to have the elastic in the sleeve cuffs and the hem ironed up and sewn.

Don't worry: it will be nicely pressed for the model.
At this point, it looks very industrial, like a merchandise bag from the early 1900's from a cargo shipment of grain, but I have great plans for it to make it look more high-end with some accessories. Let's hope it doesn't look like a sack of grain when I wear it. At any rate, the fabric is a dream to wear, and feels like silk!   If it turns out too embarrassing to wear in public I can wear it at home.

The weather is beautiful and as soon as I can get it finished and my hair fixed I will find a wandering photographer and if I can catch him, (Mr. S. is always busy, and I sometimes can chase him down) will get some fashion pics for you. Oh yes, we will change the face of fashion with this one, haha.

In case you think it is all very dull, here is some brighter fabric I have in the queue for summer clothes. I have already made  some of it into clothes for descendants, so now it is my turn. I do not use yellows and oranges much because they don't do well with my complexion, but with a white blouse or white collar near the neck,any color works.

I also have one unfinished gown from fabric sent by a friend and I am excited about it because it is  nearly finished too! I will be showing that one soon.


Mrs.O said...

I love it! Oh...I want to sew, I am just so scared!

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

That paisley is so cheerful and I love the cabbage roses. That would make a nice blouse, in an a-line.

Cynthia Berenger said...

What a lovely dress, Lady Lydia! The very thing for autumn!