Monday, October 16, 2017

Tour of a Ronald MacDonald House

Yesterday I was treated to a tour of a Ronald MacDonald house near a hospital where a family of a "preemie" was staying.  I thought you might like to see how nice it is!
Situations like this are so traumatic for the families, that every comfort has been afforded!  I see why so many individuals, private groups and organizations continually contribute to The care and maintenance of the Ronald McDonald houses.
View from dining to one patio.
View from dining to other patio.

Kitchen: each side has the same thing: dishwasher, sink, fridge, stove, etc.

Small corner sitting room next to inside play area.
Quilts donated to the babies and families of the preemies:

Inside one of the bedrooms: extra daybeds, trundle beds and fold out couches.

Very nice arrangements done by different decorating companies:

Laundry room: when the preemie is discharged from the hospital, the family has to wash all the bedding and towels from their room, clean the room, and check off the list of chores.

Another very comforting room. Each room is done up by a different decorator and all the furniture is new but donated.  I could live here!
The coffee table centerpieces are seasonal:

Hmmm..  It looks like Papa has moved in!  He is taking his nap so he can drive back home.

Stan says he doesn't mind if his picture is on the web, because he has already "been insulted by experts over the last 50 years" and doesn't think much more damage can be done. 😉 He was surprised there were no fries in the kitchen.  He wanted to know how it could be a Ronald MacDonald house with no fries.

The family and the preemie went home so we didn't get to stay long and get more pictures but if I ever get another chance to visit one of these houses, I certainly will. Everyone is well cared for here.

Toys were also for the taking, many of them hand made.


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

The houses are made with love so the parents of the sick children really don't have anything to do but concentrate on their children. I drop change at the window of my McD's when I drive through, every penny helps.

jen said...

What a beautiful place!
Thanks for sharing it-

Heavenly Home said...

That's wonderful! So glad they make it such a beautiful and comfortable place for the families that need to stay there.

Linda said...

It was so "homey". Nothing like I imagined.
Thank you for sharing.

Lynn said...

Your tour was lovely....a fine place...and fun to see Stanley resting....

Unknown said...

I've worked at McDonald's for 10 years. We often do special events to collect money and goods for our local house. It is a wonderful place!

Lydia said...

I was trying in this post to expose Ronald MacDonald House for what it really is!

Donna Johnson said...

Thank you so much for the tour it was very enjoyable .💕

Michelle said...

This looks very nice. My daughter spent a week in the ICU earlier this year (she's fine now!) and I was able to stay in her room with her, but the RMH was available as well. I didn't go to look at it but I'm glad to know that they are well-appointed and comfortable. When a child is sick, parents don't want to be far away!