Friday, January 19, 2018

Baby Gift

(Painting by MaryCassatt) 

A friend of ours is having a baby girl soon, and this is a gift I am putting together for the mother and baby. I cannot describe how soft the Sherpa blanket is.  Included will be baby socks and a couple of cotton sleepers. This month's  Victoria magazine is eye-catching with pinks and reds so I inserted it with a tea cup. And a silk stem of pink lilacs. Before I take it to her, I will put some special Mother's Tea and scones in the gift.  The basket is from Dollar Tree, and the card is hand made.

 I don't know if any of you card makers save the all white insert packaging from merchandise, but I  do. I keep any free blank card stock in a drawer with craft supplies and find they are excellent materials for making cards.


Janet W. said...

What a beautiful gift for momma and baby. So sweet of you Lydia. I'm sure she will love and appreciate it very much.
Love the post too. Have been working a lot lately so have missed many of your posts. Must search when things slow down some.

Janet W. said...

How sweet of you Lydia and what a beautiful gift for momma and baby. I'm sure they will appreciate the gift very much. I love this post too, thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Pretty pretty!! Thank you for the inspiration!

Lydia said...

OH Janet what a pretty picture of you!