Thursday, February 22, 2018

New Video:Making Your House a Pleasant Place

Hello Ladies,

Today I am talking about the idea of making the house a pleasant place where you can be happy and content. In this video I suggest tackling one small thing a day, such as one shelf, one drawer, one box of papers, or one section of your sewing room. That way, you can go on as normal with daily things, such as meal prep, grocery shopping, laundry, and other duties, and not tear up the whole place at once (smile).

Although not spoken specifically in this video, it kind of goes without saying that every effort to improve must be prefaced with prayer, prayer, prayer! Also, if your plans are bigger than your abilities, you may have to be content with slower progress, but it is so important to remember that in everything you do, to glorify God and to keep a song in your heart. If you try to do it completely on your own steam, you may find yourself sinking in the overwhelming job ahead!

Having a friend or a mother or grandmother, etc. is such a wonderful help, because you can call each other up and schedule things like this:

"Mom, I'm trying to do the following things today. Can I call you when I finish (the bathroom, the kitchen) and can you check back with  me and ask me if I have got dressed and fixed my hair?" It helps to have someone to check with you and ask what your progress is, or if you have someone you can sent pictures to.  Not everyone needs to work like that, but some of us who are more people-persons really need the human communication!

I have been looking for more paintings to use with this subject but finally settled on another cup of hot tea from Pinterest. Well, you really can't do better than that, can you?!

I also want to share with you about the cosmetics and skin care products I used for this video. They are some products I have been trying out lately. (picture of these products to be included soon!)

From the kitchen!

Face cream: coconut oil with and "copaiba" essential oil
Face powder: cornstarch mixed with carob powder (cocoa powder will work well too)
Cheeks: cornstarch mixed with beet powder
Lips: coconut oil with beet powder
Eyebrows: cocoa powder,

Eyes: White cornstarch, tapioca powder mixed with cinnamon.

Other ingredients: arrowroot powder, rice flour, coconut flour 

For hair, I am using a temporary rinse with aloe, Vitamin C, coconut oil, walnut oil. (I will have to get back to you on the name of it, as it is a brand product. )

Tooth paste: (will compose the list of ingredients shortly)

Blouse: White Stag brand from Walmart, all cotton and soooo comfortable.  $3.00
Beads: these are on a stretch chord and this necklace is hand made.

I was testing these cosmetics to see if they would stay put all day and if they seemed a little grainy or faded throughout the day. Not only did they last all day and into the evening but I didn't get that oily t-zone feeling, no skin breakouts, no itching, no watery or stinging eyes.

It seemed there was  a wonderful scent blowing about when I went outside. "My," I mused, "The air smells of cinnamon," but it was only the powders I was using. All day I felt like I was in a room with chocolate lattes, as some of the powders smelled a lot like that!

Of course I can't say these are a miracle of any kind, since these cosmetics did not remove any wrinkles or firm my double chin, haha.

Thank you so much for your visits and your wonderful comments.


living from glory to glory said...

Greetings, I agree with this so very much, because when things are in order, when tough times come we can relax and take care of what truly matters! I have the tea kettle on and will have a cup of tea and enjoy my peaceful calm home tonight!
I always enjoy your encouragement of our home and hearts...
Always, Roxy

Lydia said...

Foxy you are a lovely person and I always like your blog update appearing at the top of my blog roll! I think your messages are deeply spiritual!

Kimberly said...

We are struggling so much with keeping our home in order. I home school my 7 yr old and we recently adopted a puppy. My son is in a "collecting" phase. I seem to move piles of stuff, especially his paper work, from place to place and nothing gets cleaned. I feel overwhelmed and don't feel the energy to even start. Maybe make it a small goal until we have a school break? I don't know! Praying for our home to be comfortable for all who abide here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lydia,
I completely agree with your post. for me, having a clean and orderly home relaxes me and helps me to enjoy my home all the more. There is always something that needs to be done like daily kitchen chores, laundry, cooking etc, but when I am done cleaning my bedroom for example it is a delight to see my beautiful quilts and pillow shams that I made for it on the bed. When I've done the cleaning up of dishes from my dinning table, it always feels good to layout lovely table linnens on it for the next day. Even my bathrooms have lovely decorating touches in them that look better after the cleaning is done. I so enjoy adding lovely touches all around my home, and you are so takes the drudgery out of just cleaning, it makes me look forward to how things will look. I really love walking through my home and seeing it look pretty and inviting and thinking about new curtains, and decor that I can make for it. I only wish that you lived closer to new England where I am I could give you a tour of it! Thank you again for celebrating the gift of home and of being a woman to care for it. Lady Liza

Linda Newell said...

I love seeing your encouraging videos again.
Thank you,

Tricia said...

I’m looking so forward to more info. on your homemade cosmetics! I suffered a horrible allergic reaction to an eye shadow primer that was made in China and required medical attention. It was awful to say the least! Thank you for the video, as I have missed them!

SheLaughs said...

I have a collector too and it got pretty bad to manage. She would throw a fit if I wouldn't let her keep burnt popcorn crumbs. So finally I set down some rules. Here's what we did.

We gave her a giant 3-ring binder and a hole punch. Any and all of her paper collections had to go in that. She wasn't allowed to keep lose papers if they weren't in the binder. We also started buying her sketch pads from the dollar store and she was only allowed to draw in those. She has a large pile of them now but at least they aren't all over the house. Once a year I make her go through them and she tossed what she doesn't want anymore.

As for the items collection, she's only allowed to collect one thing and that one thing has to be kept in a container -- right now she's collecting Shopkins. I also let her collect digital pictures of things. Anytime she sees something she wants -- feathers, rocks, toys, etc -- I let her take a picture of ot with my phone instead, and she has a copy of it on her computer.

Polly said...

"If your plans are bigger than your abilities.." yes! I love this because I feel my plans are always a little bigger than my abilities. :) I am actually currently going through some soul-searching and thinking about how best to order our days to get the things done that do need to be accomplished while still staying attuned to the important, un-schedulable things such as relationship-building and loving my family. I appreciated this video!