Wednesday, April 18, 2018

New Arrangements With Familiar Things in the House

For a little leisure today I took a few old items and made a new arrangement for a centerpiece. The light pink floral bush is from Dollar Tree, only $1.00, and the candles are flickering battery operated lights. It is sometimes hard to figure out where to put small things, and since I try to avoid too much clutter, putting the flowers and candles inside the birdcage makes it one piece.

A creative arrangement puts a new look on old familiar things.

I was looking through the original Victoria magazines for the month of April, and remembering that although it was a bright spot back in the day when it first appeared in the market, the new issues today are much prettier and don't have the ads that were so unharmonious with the theme of beauty and refinement inside the publication. 

This is a tea cup I found in an old town.
A cup with a flower printed on the inside is always a pleasing thing.minknow that children love drinking from cups that have pictures on the inside. 

I received this cookbook holder from Hobby Lobby, which was on sale this week for about $7.00. Cookbook holders traditionally have been high in price, so it was good to find this metal one.

From Pinterest I found this little poem:

This is one verse, below, that I really try to live. I don't think it helps anyone to do well by scolding them. That is why I try to have supportive posts here.  

This is what most of the ladies I know express a need for.

The things ladies at home are the most concerned about and ask for prayer concerning, are these:

Good physical health.
Physical and spiritual safety of their children.
Stability of their husbands, both financial and spiritual.
Keeping the family in harmony with one  another and with God.
Being able to keep up with the housework. 
Dealing with criticism regarding their life as homemakers.

I have heard women say to their friends: You pray for me, and I will pray for you, that we can accomplish what God wants for us in the home.

That is one of the best prayers to be sent. 

Sometimes ladies worry about the world, but it would be better to use  time and energy to pray for their own families. They are a part of the world, too, which will never be on a news broadcast. You may be the only one in the world that prays for your family.


Janet Westrup said...

I love what you have done with the birdhouse, candles and silk flowers. Looks like one of those high end decorations from Victoria magazine. Combined with the tea cup, saucer and magazine it looks so inviting!
Enjoyed the signs also. Good reminders.
I agree that praying for your own family is really wise. My two little great-granddaughters before Easter asked Jesus to forgive their sins and come live in their hearts.
Not sure they understand the deep commitment of their decision, but they are on the right track. Train up a child in the way he should go and when he's old he will not turn from it. Prov.22:6. The way is in righteousness.

Jennifer Williams said...

The birdcage arrangement is so lovely! You have inspired me to look around my home and see what I can come up with to make something "new" for my family to look at. I have always loved Victoria magazine. I have kept them all for many many years, and love to peruse them when I have a longing for a different time or place, or need to be calmed by the peaceful beauty. Keeping the beauty and calm in my home allows us to focus more on the Lord, which in turn brings more calm. A happy cycle. ;-)

Jaclyn Juliette said...

What a lovely post for today! I just popped on for a moment of relaxation and some uplifting words and imagery and as usual you do not disappoint. Love, Jaclyn from NYC

Willow said...

These little battery candles are such a good idea to brighten a dreary day - thanks for sharing your lovely photographs xx


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