Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Enabled at Home

Hello Dear Ladies at Home (or want to be)
Today I describe what being at home enables us to do, have, or be.

Please enjoy doing some things at home while you listen:

The Home Enables: -- Resting after some tasks. You don't have to be on your feet all day.
--Limits outside demands on your life.
--Good for your mind and body; guiding, guarding and care for it provides purpose.
--Gives insight into the challenges of the homemakers of bygone days.
--Leisure to rebuild your strength, but don't turn leisure into work.


Laura Jeanne said...

What an absolutely beautiful teacup! No wonder it's wonder it's one of your favourites.

I like your advice to so something every day that I enjoy, that relaxes me. For me, that would be gardening, especially herb gardening, because I enjoy making herbal teas and medicines. It is a lot of work but I definitely enjoy it and find it fun. And when I dig in the dirt and get my hands dirty, I feel like a little girl playing in the sandbox again! lol.

Unknown said...

Dear Mrs. Sherman,
I just wanted to say thank you for your videos. I am a more mature :) woman also and have always wanted to be at home serving my family and have been retired now for 16 years and it is wonderful. You are one of the very few that don't say to "go, go, go". My husband and I and family had to even come out of "church" because the pressure was so great. We do a home fellowship and it is wonderful. As a Pastors wife I admire how you are able to keep your boundaries securely in place.
I am usually cooking when I listen to your videos. They are very relaxing, helpful and motivating! Thanks again. Cheryl M.

Laura Jeanne said...

Oh, I wanted to mention something else after watching this video. You mentioned the stories about Alison on the Oregon Trail, and how when her family reaches their land all is not as they had hoped it would be. This story reminds me very much of the Little Britches books by Ralph Moody. Have you ever read those books, Lydia? I'm sure you would love them as there is a great deal of learning about character for the main person in the story, young Ralph. These are true stories. In the first book, the family goes to Colarado about the year 1910, after buying a property they were told had a nice house and barn and farmland. After selling all they had and moving there, they arrived at a place with a tumbling down shack with broken windows, no barn to speak of, and dry land with no irrigation. Yet the family buckled down and made the best of a bad situation. I won't say more about the story, but if you haven't read those books yet I highly recommend them. They are excellent read-alouds with children of all ages and contain many wonderful life lessons. The first book in the series is called Little Britches.

Lydia said...

Laura, no I haven’t read those books. The only resources I had for books in the 1980’s was book catalogs . Those were not in the catalogs. It’s good now we have better access to information. I’ll get these.

Anonymous, there seem to be more preachers wives coming here. You are so right, life can get too social focused and then more pressure from all the activities.

Homemaker's Heart said...

Dear Lydia, I really needed your radio show today. It's been a tough week with my husband having shoulder surgery and I got less than 4 hours sleep for a few nights. Needless to say, nerves and lack of sleep have led to uncharitable behavior on both sides. Your words of filling my mind with things, get something, and addressing anxiety. I needed that so much. I got caught up on a stack of receipts to log and had a bowl full of berries with tea today. It's hot here.
I am intrigued at your encouragement of "taking a class" and creating a lesson. I'd like to learn more how to do that. Could you teach us a bit of that, maybe use learning something for the home as a lesson? Oh!! making a table center arrangement. You are very talented at that!

Thank you so much for your work. Peace be with you, Dee

Lydia said...

Basically the concept of taking a course is turning something into a course. The belief is that you can have a sense of well-being by accomplishing small steps. You can take anything you already have and turn it into a course of theory and practice. I had a book called Back to Basics and I tried to learn how to do some of the things in it. That’s all it is. It’s more satisfying to keep a journal and write assignments and accomplishments.

Lydia said...

Your parting words also (along with everything else) very calming..cannot count the number of times I get caught (in the "divisive" argument implied to me) when am at peace and truth not error
Love to you and Mr Sherman and your family

Lydia said...

Carolyn, I might have something more to add to that subject, in the next post.

Janine said...

Loved this! So much great information. A cat once knocked a just finished Lego castle off the table...lots of tears, but we got right back to building it again. In fact, it took so long, that it's the only Lego kit that is still up, ten years later! However, my young son didnt care for that cat for quite awhile after that. He only became a cat person after a stray had four babies in our backyard and my Sweet husband let us keep them all!