Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Luxury Living

Please enjoy your time at home today while you listen to homemakers radio. I hope you achieve a lot.

This a a book I showed:

You can use Victoria, Tea Time and other Hoffman Media publications as your homemaking "tools."

Think about the 6 things you think are most important for your peace and contentment in life. Here is a suggestion:
Character Development 
Tea Time
Letter Writing
Feminine Dress
Art, Literature, Music

Character scriptures I mentioned
Phlippians 4:8
Galations 5:22
2 Peter 1:5-8

Luxury living doesn't mean you need a lifestyle of the rich an famous. Several luxury items I pointed out today in the video were:
The luxury of time: When things are orderly, less time is spent rushing around, catching up, etc. and more time for rest.
The luxury of Comfort:  It doesn't take a high end holiday to have comfort every day in your life: clean bedding and bath towels, shiny floors and clean porches, etc. I've known people who lived in places that looked like ruins, but their domains were luxurious in all these small ways.
Luxury Cuisine:  If you grown your own or shop the fresh market and prepare it yourself, it tastes like luxury. There are so many free cooking classes and shows online, or for a small donation, that there is no reason not to know something about preparing fresh meals.
The Luxury of activities and pasttimes. I promised to leave a link to this girl's art journal lessons, someone I personally am acquainted with.
The luxury of hand crafted items that serve you well at home, and items you have made yourself. Before things were taken up by factories, we made our own potholders, dishtowels,  paintings, candles soap, and more.  I'm not suggesting hours of hard labor, but just trying one thing one time, for the experience.
The luxury of personal care:  We are so accustomed to out-sourcing everything from education to hair care, that it can be a real luxury to learn how to DIY.
The luxury of rest:  Rest is a great healer and restorer, and there are plenty of people teaching the merits of this, one being Dr. Berg


Unknown said...

Hello,Lady Lydia
My name is MaryAnn and my mom recently passed away and I'm finding it hard to be a Catholic feminine woman in an age where we're extinct. Most of the ladies in my circle of friends are set on careers and jobs. I truthfully don't feel that way. What encouragement can you give me?

cityhomemaker said...

To Unknown:
The blog IS the encouragement. The videos ARE the encouragement.

Lydia said...

It might take a future video but in the meantime be occupied learning about things in relation to your goals. There is a scripture “Trust in the Lord...and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

I enjoy your perspectives.

Joyful noise said...

Dear Lydia, what a beautiful video again. Always a delight listening to you and I always love your decor. Thank you for homeschooling us again, never get tired of your Godly wisdom. God bless you greatly. Much love, Maria.

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

Since the passing of my dad, things around here have been neglected. I was happy to catch up on some of the weeding and listened outside among the flower beds and vegetable garden. It was pure, soothing comfort to have your company, encouragement, and teaching. I am more relaxed and breathing better after listening to the last 2 episodes. I’m also enjoying today’s work and the tasks that make our homes a wonderful retreat.

Many thanks,

Alex said...

I totally agree these things are the REAL luxuries! Thanks for pointing it out.

Janine said...

Loved this, as usual. It was just what I needed. So many interesting things. I loved hearing from the McGuffey reader, too.