Sunday, June 12, 2022

Listen While You Do Something Else

Greeting Dear Friends at Home.

I am honored and encouraged by your visit here and I hope you will be happy with today’s broadcast.

I had a quick visit over to the high desert where we enjoyed looking at rock castles.

We searched for the annual wildflower show.

 I’m back at the Manse and enjoying looking at the photos of the beautiful drive.

 Please enjoy your routine at home while you listen to Homemaking Radio broadcast today;


Marianne said...

Dear Lydia, I am stopping by to say hello form HOT Alabama. Grace and peace to you from God the Father and Jesus Christ! I pray you are doing uncommonly well today... and thank you for all your lovely talks . I listened to this one again this morning as I took my walk around the neighborhood, at a slower pace than usual as it full on summer here.

Mrs O'Sullivan said...

Good evening Lydia, I enjoyed a hot cup of tea whilst doing a little english paper piecing, and stitching a few hexie granny flowers together. Slow hand stitching is so relaxing to do before bedtime, your broadcast was a delight to listen to.

Many thanks and God bless,

Michell Hendrick said...

Lydia, thank you for the talk today on the subject of "ministry" and touching on my personal email. I volunteer at a Christian woman/family resource center and in our state of Colorado a pregnancy center is very important. I was feeling guilty for wanting to step away a bit. I have decided to take a break this summer and make a decision in the fall.

Lydia said...

If you can’t afford time for the organization, maybe you could give something the person needs, delivered personally or send a card or do something personally.

Lydia said...

If you have any problems posting a comment, click on web version at the end of the post, then write your comment.

Marianne, it is still cold and stormy up here in Oregon and many people are still having to heat their houses.

Mrs. O’Sullivan: I am not familiar with the crafts you are doing but it must be interesting and fulfilling.

Mrs O'Sullivan said...

Dear Lydia,

Here is a lovely podcast video explaining slow stitching and English paper piecing, this craft really helped me through the past two years, I hope you and your readers find it interesting.

Kim O'Sullivan (UK)