Sunday, June 19, 2022

Put Away the World and Enjoy Home


Please enjoy your walk or your work while you listen to the broadcast today.

I talked about a unique way to put the world's antics aside while you enjoy your day at home. I also addressed the problem of today's lack of thank you notes for wedding gifts.
If you are giving a wedding gift, why not include a package of thank-you notes and stamps. If you want any kind of response to your gift, add a note to the gift card that you would be delighted if the person would let you know if they received the gift.

There is a generation that has not had the advantages of knowing about the courtesy of thank you notes.
If you have any ideas concerning this, please leave a comment.

 I also reminded you to scroll down the subjects of my Pinterest account (click those words to get there) and get some ideas for your home. My taste may not be the same as yours, but we can still be friends in spite of my penchant for Victorian things. 

From the Eric Sloane Weather Book, I read about atmospheric conditions in relation to a "creepy house atmosphere" and uneasiness or other mood changes.

There is a short section about talking to people in government (on the phone) and also dealing with people who want to talk but not allow anyone to interact.  

I'm delighted you came!
I want to hear from you when you have time.
I'll try to post the comments that came into my email.

I apologize that the video is not ready, check back another time.


Lydia said...

Thank you for checking back. I am still planning to post the broadcast. All the other videos are working okay. If you are having difficulty viewing them, it might be a temporary problem with your county.

Lynn said... glad to note you are discussing the thank you for your wedding gift problems.

Janine said...

The last wedding I went to was a huge, expensive affair in Malibu. The wedding announcement, invitations, and the wedding itself were color coordinated with actual peacock feathers, and everyone rec'd several gifts at the wedding, including a peacock pin, chocolates, etc. It was lavish. I really thought she'd have beautiful thank you notes, but no, not a one went out. I was really surprised. This is the only wedding I've been to where I didn't receive a thank you note. I didn't know the bride or groom (we know the parents), so I researched their interests and found out it was cooking, so we gave gifts and a gift card along that line. I was disappointed that they didn't acknowledge what I so carefully picked out and wrapped for them. But then I was also surprised that they chose an expensive venue instead of a more modest wedding and cash for a down payment on a home, as the fathers wisely offered.

But, I had a wonderful time there. I was seated near a woman and I asked her, "How do you spend your days?" She shyly replied, "I stay home with my step-children and homeschool them." "ME, TOO!" I enthusiastically replied. "But not step-children, just our one son." She instantly came out of her shell and we had a wonderful time trying to hear each other over the music. And I got to dress up, which is always fun :)

Looking forward to the next video!

Lydia said...

Janine We are working on getting the video posted. I talked about the job of the bridesmaids to supply a list of gifts and the names of the people who gave them.

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Looking forward to your video!
I'd love to see what you've pinned. Will you please link your Pinterest Account?

Lydia said...

Click on the words “my Pinterest account “ in this post and it will take you there. Or, look on the left on this blog and beneath the painting called “At the Cottage Door “ by Maigret, ( the painting of the girl standing in the doorway) are the words “ My Pinterest “ anc click on Home Living Ideas.

Lynnette said...

Mrs. Sherman, your Pinterest boards are beautiful! Thank you for letting us know about them. Looking at all the lovely things you pinned helped lift my spirits on a rather challenging day.

Lydia said...

I am happy you were able to find it! You don’t have to “ be on Pinterest “ or join. I think you can look at it without signing in. You just can’t save, like, comment, etc. but sometimes you can save pictures to your own computer. I would like to use some of these thing on my blog but decided to limit pictures to my own .

Lydia said...

Thank you notes— the mother and the sisters or bridesmaids or wedding coordinator should provide the information and materials and instructions for the bride to be sure thank you notes are sent. If not, I think people are going to start phoning the bride after the wedding to see if the gift was okay. But if the current trend of no thank you notes continue, there will soon be a place on the gift enclosure card to for the bride to press, that indicates thank you or no thank you! That message would get transmitted to phone of the one who gave the gift. I have other ideas that I’ve seen people do and will tell you when I get my broadcast posted.