Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Busy Days!

We are enjoying the last two days of 2 months of fellowship of descendants, putting as much meaningful activities into the time as we can.
I stopped to photograph one part of The Manse which was empty for one minute.

One of the grandchildren that likes to sew, posed for my review of her western wear dress and hat. I was always sad that the children get too big for toys but we used this one as a prop for this sewing style scene.
If you need ideas for country dressing, check my Pinterest for the Outdoor Clothing board. Miss L seems to have been born with a natural inclination for scenery style!

We also posed old costumes . These were some garments her mother and I had collected before this girl was born. 

At The Cottage Door

We got into our family collection of old wide-brimmed hats.
Here she is all dressed up for a formal walk in the field ;-) but we care not, since we are not going to wait to get invited to a formal event. 

This is an old formal dress and bolero I acquired 20 years ago from a friend who was cleaning out her closet. I liked having it even though it was too small for me, and Miss Lillian wears it perfectly. Look at her fancy flats!
Formal Farm Dress in the Country is what we are calling this event. Gas is high, and we are hesitant to go far from home, so we are having our own celebrations here at The Manse. We are saving the fuel in the cars for trips to visit each other.  
Here, she is visiting "the ruins"--- the broken cement steps of the Manse. built long ago.  So it is an important event, and what she wears for it will be recorded in our photographs. We are creating our own history, the way we like it. We aren't going to wait til the world behaves itself. ;-) This is our royalty, I am the reporter and we are creating our own narrative.

Midst all the formality, she still has to take care of laundry.

(Doing it with style, though)
We like the small floral prints of cotton calico fabrics.

She sewed this without a pattern in a couple of hours, with gathered sleeves, lace collar and an attached sash at the waist which tied in the back.

I hope you enjoyed seeing snapshots of our old clothes on Miss Lillian during our country walks this week. 

She is sewing some new ones for a picnic and some tree climbing, I think. We also have that old truck as a prop, so I wonder what she will sew to wear with.

I hope you were excessively diverted by our "formality on the farm" issue today.

We hope to have more for you soon.

We have also been playing tunes, singing, making bows and arrows, swimming in the stock tank, exercising, going barefoot on the lawn, hanging laundry outside, keeping journals with art work, cooking, and much more. We are trying different national breakfasts and today was Italian.

I hope to talk to you all again on a broadcast when it is quiet around here.



Marianne said...

Lydia, It sounds like you all are having such fun! The pictures of your granddaughter are a delight. What a talented seamstress. i hope to hear your sweet voice again soon on a video; in the meantime I'll listen to ones from the past.

Rachel said...

What a lovely and sweet young lady! Surely she must have had a good teacher or two (granny and mother, maybe?) I wish there were more lovely ladies around. I´m writing from Spain. The NATO summit is in the news all the time this week. The president of the USA and of all the western countries have come, and while they discuss their politics, queen Letizia welcomes and hosts the first ladies into museums, concerts and beautiful places. One of the granddaughters of Jill Biden appeared in sports clothes at her arrival. I couldn´t believe it! The queen was waiting to welcome her to Madrid and this girl, or any of the people around, didn´t know better than wearing a terrible grey tracksuit! Didn´t she have a dress?
Certainly our appearance is important, as you have told us so many times. It speaks volumes about a person´s heart and mind. Looking forward to listening to you again soon.

Lydia said...

Rachel, I read your comment to Miss Lillian. I'll be adding more photos of our country walk to this post soon. I was saddened by the inappropriate garments in such important official events. A few years ago Ivanka Trump made a speech in a country (Israel or some other), wearing an ultra mini skirt which appearance was worsened by being on a platform. several levels higher than the audience . Michele Obama got off the plane on one of the first visits to a very conservative/religious country in Africa. Its sad because those people met them at the airport in a very welcoming way, wearing their traditional costumes, all very modest and cheerful, and being so proud of the President's visit, and she had on two piece outfit that looked like she was headed for the pool. They must have been insulted. Someone could get a very good consultation job getting the US officials ready for formal appearances.

Lydia said...

And these are very privileged people where money is not a problem. They are not interested in sewing their own dresses, as we are, but they have the money to have clothing made for them.

AAC14 said...

Dear Lady Lydia,
What a joy it was to read your post today! I showed the pictures of Miss Lillian to my 8 year old daughter, and we talked about how lovely and modest the outfits are. Thank you, Lady Lydia, to you and your family for being such a beautiful example of dignity in this day and age.


Rachel said...

As a positive example I love Kate Middleton's style, always modest and elegant, adorning her kind and soft manners, very appropriate for a future queen. She spends a lot of money on her wardrobe, but at least she is an inspiration.

Kathy T. said...

Your granddaughter will have such fond memories of this time with you. I remember when I was a young teen my grandmother taking apart one of my favorite tops to use as a pattern to make me a new one in the same style. Not many can do that these days, including me. My grandmother never left the house unless she was dressed to lipstick and earrings. I miss her.

Mrs. White said...

This is lovely!

Laura Jeanne said...

What wonderful summer memories your grandchildren will have to enjoy always. :)

Christine said...

Femininity at it's finest!

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

I loved seeing your photos of your granddaughter all dressed up in such a feminine way. Lovely. Just lovely!
Hugs to you,
enjoy your youngns.