Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Today’s Edification


Dearest darling ladies,  
I hope you all have a day-book where you record the little things you do:
`a walk
`sitting in the sunrise
`hearing a birdsong
`a little stretching
`reading a sentence or two in the Good Book. (I like that name! I shall call it that, from now on.)
Dressing carefully and thoughtfully.
-sipping your tea
- something creative. 

I continued my ideas about stress:
-Looking  your best can reduce personal anxiety
-Not treating your daily list as stress: its just a guide, and a way to focus your thoughts. 

Personal care, often called self-care, is simply self-improvement and health maintenance, so that you can deal with stress.  It is also glorifying to God to look after the body He has given you. It can include rest and sleep, good thoughts,  relaxing in all you do, and creativity. I suggested dispersing these edifying things throughout the course of your homemaking day.

I always like to get a picture of the shadow of The Manse in the sunrise.
In a future broadcast I will talk about the  value of the sunrise.

I am still stealth-sipping.

Valerian grows around here in the rocks and gravel.

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Miss Lillian often updates her sewing blog. HERE

I hope this broadcast is helpful to you. Please enjoy your home while you listen:


Lydia said...

What you said about preserving our strength and "staying on our own side of the street" was so true and such good advice. Many years ago I allowed someone who had problems to intrude almost every day into my life, taking my precious time away from my preteen children. I was available to this person because I felt I needed to be, "in Christian love", but she was a complete drain on me. I have found people like that will latch on to anyone and are not really interested in honest solutions and are not interested in the Lord either. They often drain many others as well, after using your time. That was such good advice to homemakers because it's so easy to feel guilty if we don't try to "save the world". Sadly! Thank you for passing on that wisdom. Even retrospectively I found it helpful in understanding that situation (and some others) that I allowed.


Lydia said...

Dianne, this is an experience of many people, especially homemakers. We are perceived as women who are supposed to help and support other women, but it all entails sacrificing time and talent that rightly belongs to our own families.

Janine said...

That was really interesting! I loved hearing about all those different subjects and hearing more from Wives and Daughters. I really want to watch the movie now. Re Diane's comment, we call those people vampires because they suck your energy and time, and aren't interested in getting well or finding answers. Thanks for telling people I'm reading the original 1922 FW pamphlets. I'm finding it interesting and challenging, and I'm imitating you when I interject my own thoughts and experiences! ✨. Btw, Laine just gave me permission to read some of her letters on my channel and after FW that will be my next project. 💌

Rose said...

Hello Lydia,
Thank you for saying that my daily list is a guide. I had ripped up a few planners full of lists out of frustration. Plus, always feeling stressful because it seemed like nothing was getting done, they were like an old boss looking over my shoulder (now that's stress). My lists have always been a love and dislike relationship I think I need them, but I don't want them, but I keep writing them. Now, I'll try to be guided by it not stress over it.
Thank you, thank you so much for all your videos!

Lydia said...

Thank you ladies,
I hope to be back here soon. We often leave one taskmaster and make a taskmaster from our own freedom. Lists are suggestions. I throw mine away and make new ones a couple times a day when life interferes with my plans.

Dianne said...

Dear Lydia,

I just have to comment again (especially now that I've learned how to get to comments directly!) �� What you said about all marriage problems being basically character problems just amazed me by it's truth and simplicity. That would stop anyone right in their tracks if they were complaining about their spouse flippantly (including myself). And yes, this certainly applies to all relationships, including one's children. I know things are not always "black and white" that easily, but, seriously, it does boil down to one's character, even if one's ability to bear up under some disappointments; one's ability to be gracious or understanding. That was a powerful statement that you made and I have never heard it put quite like that before. Nugguts of truth are sprinkled throughout all of your talks and I often listen more than once because it never fails that I miss something important by a momentary distraction. :) And, yes, I'm one of those who start and stop the videos, due to my life's circumstances at this time, with its many interruptions. God bless you, Lydia, for all the many thoughts you have that you articulate so well and concisely. ��

Dianne in PA

Michell Hendrick said...

I have many podcasts to catch up on! I was in the beautiful state of Oregon for a couple weeks visiting my mother and made a couple stops along the way back to Colorado. I thought of you when I was driving over the pass on Hwy 20, there was snow on the ground! God Bless!

Christal said...

I enjoyed this broadcast so much, I love wives and daughters. All of her writings are so good. Can't wait to see your next broadcast🤗. Thank you for making these and all of your encouragement 🙏🌸

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Hello dear lady. I've not had the opportunity to listen to this broadcast yet, but I did enjoy your blog post. Thank you for taking time to share these things with us. I value your imput. Have a great weekend! Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Laura Jeanne said...

Thank you for this lovely talk, Lydia. I appreciated that you mentioned your cat - I didn't realize you had a cat in your home, and when I heard those meows I thought at first I needed to find out which of our cats wanted some attention. :)

I thought it was quite interesting how you read about the same topic (sleep hygiene) from several different books. It's a good exercise, I believe, to get a variety of views on one topic and see how they compare.

Lastly, I have really been enjoying your readings from Wives and Daughters. I think I am going to purchase that book and read it myself. But until I can do that, I think I'm going to read another Elizabeth Gaskell book I have called Cranford. Have you ever read that one? It's not really a novel, but a series of humorous and heartwarming sketches of the people who live in the small town of Cranford. When I read it the first time, it made me laugh out loud at several spots.

Lydia said...

The fabric brand is Fabric Traditions. It’s from Hobby Lobby but you might see it online.