Thursday, May 30, 2024

Learning at Home

Thank you for being so patient for the current broadcast.

I have been in the blue light and the beginning of the sunrise today.

I have been to Venice with Lucy today for my exercise.

I have also been stealth sipping outside:

 I chose the most optimistic color to wear (yellow) because the work load at The Manse today is expected to be heavier than usual.

Since I will be driving to town to get a few supplies, this is the jacket over the dress:

With apron:

Fabric--100% cotton print from Fabric Traditions, at JoAnn Fabrics or other places on the web.

Milk Glass

In the broadcast, I read from these books:

My current fabric crush by Brother Sister Design Studio is similar to old prints I remember.

I'll use this pattern with longer sleeves from another pattern.

Please get something done while you listen today:

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Laura Jeanne said...

I found it interesting that you mentioned the tea blend you were using had Chrysanthemum flowers in it. Just a while before I watched your broadcast, I was looking through a book about herbal medicine I had picked up at a garage sale, and I noticed Chrysanthemum flowers was one of the listings. It caught my attention because I didn't know this was something used medicinally or even ingested at all. Apparently these flowers have been used in China and Japan for a very long time. To quote the book, "This herb soothes the liver, cools the blood, and is used also for the common cold and fevers. It improves the eyesight and soothes reddened eyes." I thought you might find that interesting also.