Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Dressing for Home, Activating a Character Quality, "Dont Lose the Sale."

Hello Dear Friends,

It is still uncomfortably cold here but "we are enduring it as best we can."

We have the natural blue light half an hour before sunrise:

This is what The Manse looks like in the morning fog and blue light. You see the layer of mist on the top of the land in the distance.

I spoke to you from The Ocean Room, and here are some sand dollar cookies with fog tea :

I have been looking through this book to see what might be enjoyable to do:

Other things I talked about in the broadcast today:

From old merchant methods:
Don't devalue yourself or sell yourself short at home.
Don't lose the sale.
Don't give away the store.

The explanation is in the third part of the video, but you can probably figure it out yourself.

One of the exercises I tried:
The character verses I read:
2 Peter 1:5-11

I discussed the word "activated". Among other things, it means to trigger, get started, set in motion.
I used it in relation to the problem of memorizing scripture but not activating the teachings into life.

Some of you may be interested in these videos that contain soothing home decor:

Please enjoy your responsibilities at home while you listen:

For those of you who are waiting for a book, I am trying to catch up to everything but hopefully will get to that soon. Remember not to order Just Breathing the Air from the web, as they have put the price too high---we are trying to get that fixed. Write to me instead (its $29-$32 when I order it for you, which is the same price I pay for my copies.)

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Janine said...

Love those pictures! Re your talk about dressing nicer: I went to lunch last week with a friend and was surprised at her overly casual attire. She was taking me out to her favorite Italian restaurant. She's usually dressed so nicely, but this was home-wear. I dress that casual when deep cleaning, gardening, and exercising. But when I go out I dress up. The food was delicious, but the waiter was in blue jeans, tshirt and baseball cap on backwards. It made me appreciate why chain restaurants require a black/white uniform for servers. When the waiters and patrons are dressed nicely, it adds to the ambience! Which then aids the digestion. Ive noticed too, that people who live in more expensive cities dress better when going out for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In one ritzy city that has our favorite Mexican restaurant, I've never seen a man or woman there wearing jeans or workout clothes. It's a city on the ocean but on cliffs. Go an hour or two south to places with beach access and it is more casual, but the beach/comfortable clothes are beautiful and well-matched, not clothes you wear for gardening! I hope this doesn't sound snobby. It's just something my husband and I have noticed. We travel to these cities now when we eat out, instead of staying local, because the way people dress and act make it a more pleasant experience. Same with going to Trader Joe's. I now drive 15 minutes farther so that I don't have to shop with people wearing their pajamas and hollering at each other across the aisles.

Great show as always! I wanted to comment on more but I've forgotten what! Got my winter plates and bowls put away and brought out the spring ones, and cleaned the bathroom while I listened.

Tammy said...

Thank you, Lydia, for another cheerful and encouraging "broadcast"!
I wrote down in my notebook:"Do not diminish yourself in the eyes of your children or others." I have been disappointed that some people do not seem to value my role as a full-time homemaker, but was challenged by what you said today. Maybe I need to value what I do and so it rubs off:)
I have taken the "dress up for home" challenge, and, surprise, surprise, it has been very refreshing so far. I took the time to get myself ready as if I were going out (I was in the habit of wearing my work-in-the-yard clothes, which are only needed when I am actually doing the heavy-duty yard work), and it has helped me feel like my job at home has dignity; and I did have to run to the store and felt ready instead of having the need to "get presentable" first. Looking forward to seeing what other benefits this will produce!
I don't comment very often (apologies), but I often listen to one of your videos when I am doing my morning housework and I appreciate your optimism, humor, wisdom, and love for Jesus. Even if I've heard it before, I'm encouraged - seems I need to hear things repeated!
Have a wonderful day - and Happy "Dress for Home" and "Love your Home" week!:)

Christal said...

I was so happy to see you posted again, you always brighten my day. Thank you always for taking the time to make these videos, they are so encouraging.

Karen S. said...

You take such lovely photos!

I am not a fancy dresser - jeans or slacks and a nice top do it for me most days. But I do find much encouragement in your frequent calls to give care and attention to our appearance. I'm not a slob, but I could do better. I'm also learning to sew, so hopefully I can make myself a few things that will bring improvement to this area for me.

Several years ago, I was sick enough that my husband called an ambulance for me. They took me in what I was wearing, which was pajamas. Thankfully, I was treated and released a few hours later. My husband came to pick me up from the hospital (not thinking to bring me any actual clothes). It's very weird to sit in your car driving about town in the middle of the day in your jammies! You are right - our brain knows when we are dressed for the activity of the moment or not.

Again, many thanks for your lovely broadcasts.

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia Ruth,

Thank you for making another homemaker broadcast from the manse. I am quite fond of the ocean room where you made this recent video. I found the photos with the blue light so interesting as well. Perhaps I will wake up earlier some morning to catch a glimpse of it myself.😊

You had so many good teaching tips for us again today. Years ago in our homeschool, I purchased 2 cd’s that taught the language of the Christian’s clothing. It spoke of the sheep’s clothing of righteousness, humility, modesty, and propriety in contrast to the wolf’s clothing of pride, rebellion, immodesty and rejection of God’s design. I appreciated many of the points you made concerning our appearance. Our clothes surely speak for us in many instances.

Thanks, too, for sharing your thoughts on Valentine’s Day. My husband and I love and care for one another deeply on a daily basis. Hence, we don’t feel the need to lavish one another with material gifts that are costly. It’s not necessary to prove our love for one another. Hallmark, however, certainly makes a fortune!

While listening in today, I took extra care to get dressed for success in my homemaking. I also walked through the house tidying up in all the rooms.

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Lydia said...

In early days of marriage we really enjoyed all the celebrations and didn’t mind the expense.

Lydia said...

We would approach anniversary as more important.

Mrs Bain said...

A wonderful broadcast, Lady Lydia. I remember doing the bicycles as a child. I, too, have began doing different movements that I could do easily when I was younger, but became harder when I spent less time moving due to college or my jobs after that. I am particularly focusing on getting up and down off the floor smoothly and increasing flexibility.

Thank you so much for sharing your wit and wisdom here. And the photos you share with each broadcast are just lovely.

Laura Jeanne said...

Thank you for a lovely broadcast which I listened to while working in the kitchen.

I'm not certain, but I think Agatha Christie's character's name is pronounced "Pwa-ro." Funny that you should mention that author, because I was just thinking yesterday that maybe I should see if the library has some of her books. I always love a good mystery, but I have used up all the books on my shelf at home.

I appreciated what you said about "activating" Bible verses. This is so true and important to remember. My children are in that group of homeschoolers who definitely has not memorized large quantities of scripture (or anything else); but it is my hope that the few verses they have memorized they have internalized, or in other words "activated".

Dianne said...

I'm late in finishing this broadcast, Lydia. Sometimes I listen more than once in order to be sure I haven't missed anything, or even to just review the points you have made which are always so meaningful to me. I so wanted to mention and thank you for your comment about marriage and I Corin 13. It was so good! Yes, how simple it can be and how true that all the manufactured romance in the world, all the efforts in the world, will not matter if we do not have a heart as described in that chapter on love. So true, how we will generally "miss" our old self, old ways, if we are not seeking change in Christ where we need it. I have never heard it said so simply yet profoundly. And how good all you said about just letting a man alone to be quiet and do his thing. We demand way too much of men in today's world, expecting them to be more like female friends than the actual man they really are. If I were home schooling teens I think I would work your talks into our curriculum. Thanks for all you do...from Pennsylvania.💙 Dianne

TiffanyK said...

Mrs. Sherman
It is such a delight to listen to your broadcast as I clean my kitchen and care for my children.

Thank you for your encouraging words!

Mrs. Tiffany Koch