Sunday, February 25, 2024

Dressing Well May Aid in Doing Well

Hello Dear Friends,

Please join me for an hour to focus on the home and shut out the bad reports of the world.

I hope you will nurture good thoughts today and bring yourself and your home up to a level of dignity and respect, beginning with your appearance.  

In reference to hair care, I referred to this link:

I told you about a video I listened to that had some very useful information about how gratitude affects you. 

Gentle exercise can give presence-of-mind that is so important for focus and memory. Try warm-up exercise several times a day for relaxation and good feelings. This channel has many to choose from:

I referred to things in these books:

I read the first paragraph from Wives and Daughters and suggested starting a Wives and Daughter's Summer Reading Program with many other activities. The first paragraph is an interesting way of introducing a character in story. 

I spoke to you today from the guest room at The Manse. I like to change things around in this little room by covering the bed and cushions with cloth from my sewing stash.

I thought of this hymn because of these words:
"Take from our souls the strain and stress..."

Hear it and sing along:

Please enjoy being home, sort through a shelf, a box, or clean a room while you listen:

Your comments are welcome here, and if you have trouble posting,  you are welcome to email me and I'll post them for you.  Thank you also for your Paypal contributions. They are very helpful!

Lydia Ruth

For the Wives and Daughters reading program  
you will need to make yourself a journal with unlined paper, or find something you can write in and use in other ways for the activities.

Activity #1

  Read the first paragraph of Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell; first, silently and then aloud, with expression. Then write a paragraph about your location using the paragraph as a guide to make a description.
Watch the first episode of  the BBC Wives and Daughters.

First paragraph example:
(posting later)


CindyW said...

How scrumptious! That was my first reaction when your face and name popped up on my video feed! Your advice served me so well over the years of my homeschooling mom season, and now in my Grandma season I am blessed to find you again. I just want to thank you for your guidance for those times when I needed advice and understanding. The Lord’s word does not return void. May He bless you and yours.

Lydia said...

Thank you for the first comment, Cindy!

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia Ruth,

This is always a great place to visit and stay for awhile. I enjoy all the beautiful photography, the lovely rooms at the manse, the special links, and the delightful chats. Thank you so very much for sharing your ideas and thoughts and encouragement with me.


Holly King said...

Thank you so much for all your words of encouragement Lydia.

Homemaker's Heart said...

Those colors are stunning, you are so creative and inspiring. I agree with a bit of exercise. It seems to help my brain get in gear these days. Thank you for this video. Sending hugs from very windy Colorado.

Janine said...

I loved your talk about what we represent...our homes, family, parents, and Jesus. John Greenleaf Whittier is my second favorite poet (the first being Edgar Guest) because I grew up in an old Quaker town named after him. He was a great abolishionist. We recently finished reading a 100 yr old biography about him, and how he fought for abolition even when it wasn't popular in the beginning. He lost his political career over it but became the Voice of abolition aling with the editor Greeley who gave him his start as a poet when just a teen, and he became America's poet.

I remember my mom buying artwork from that home interior party. It was lovely. I haven't heard that song in years, but could sing from memory the last part of each verse. I really need to find my mom's dvd of wives and daughters. Loved this all as usual! 💖

Mrs Bain said...

It was nice to have your company as I cleaned bathrooms today and a few other things. We have been studying Mr Whittier in school this term. The children are working on memorizing their poem portions now. Tragically we have lost our Wives and Daughters dvd! I hope it turns up, as I had help culling our numerous DVDs recently.

Thank you for your steady reminders and encouragement. Every video you share is a refreshment.

Lydia said...

Thank you, dear ladies.

Antheia said...

This has been a source of inspiration for me, thank you. My style is a little different than yours, I don't like too many florals but I like stripes, plaid and ethnic patterns. But the feminine silhouette is still there. I want to thank you for your encouragement to dress nicely to do well. Today I am in a black wool skirt, long-sleeve blue striped shirt, blue striped scarf, with meaningful jewelry- a blue sea glass necklace given to me by my sister. Lastly, I am wearing warm black tights and sensible black shoes from the company Natural Soul. I feel well put together, putting on the armor of God through my modesty, like I can tackle anything that comes my way. Much better than staying in my yoga clothes all day! Thank you so much-