Friday, February 02, 2024

A Few Things That Help the Homemaker

(View From My Window: Eastern Afternoon)

Hello Ladies,

I am so glad you are visiting and I hope you can get some things done that you've been putting off, while you listen to the broadcast today.

I was in "The Ocean Room".

There was a rainstorm and a bright rainbow today.

What I wore:

With an apron:

Please enjoy your work while you listen:

Here is one of the Lucy Wyndham-Reade exercises  I spoke of,
and here is the "exercise snack" video, and here is
one of her 3-minute routines.
She also has a gentle 5 minute walk after a meal.

Today I talked about the Jane Austen Summer Reading Programs that I often see on YouTube,
with an eye on doing something similar with Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell. This list of things could be turned into a summer reading program accented with art, crafts and social things.
Some of the possible activities would be:

Reading the book silently and aloud, with emphasis on personal speech improvement.
Written observations.
Creating a mini-journal, games and activities of the story.
Describing the characters
The purpose of various type of their clothing.
A social event with participants choosing to be a certain character.
Researching the fashion and customs of the era.
Observing their manners and conversations, plus the way they interpreted life's ups and downs.
Trying the food mentioned in various chapters.
Emulating the music, social activities, pasttimes.
Family beliefs and practices.
Things they liked to read and study.
Creative ideas of the times.

For anyone who wants to begin watercolor (such as on the edges of letters and envelopes) there are many "shorts" you can follow Just pause, replay, repeat!
Here is one, and another one.
Try some of the small things on this channel.
If you are wanting a place to start, just go to YouTube and in their own search area type in "Beginner (watercolor, acrylics, or what you are looking for) and "floral, landscape, doodles," tutorials.

In the broadcast I suggested getting an art pad from the dollar store, but I forgot to mention using a set of children's watercolor paints, also available at dollar stores. I always get these supplies when the descendants come, so because they are so economical that those of us who are still learning, can paint with full abandon trial and error!

Ideas for dressing well at home can be found on this Pinterest link.

Here is the letter painting I shared from Victoria magazine winter issue. Simply use art paper (from dollar stores)for the letter.

I also brought up the tendency of the prevailing culture to avoid a simple answer. It is easy to use three times the words necessary and go around the answer and not really answer it. I think they call it "word salad."  

I used Philippians 4:7 about how to cure anxiety.
This was in reference to anxiety that is the most common. I did not intend to apply my talk to those who have suffered from personal disastrous life changing injury, illness or loss that is more than chronic anxiety. 

This quote by General MacArthur is indicative of what the press and the various public powers will do to keep us in a constant state of uncertainty:

Our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear -- kept us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervor -- with the cry of grave national emergency... Always there has been some terrible evil to gobble us up if we did not blindly rally behind it by furnishing the exorbitant sums demanded.



Marianne said...

I woke up this morning to find a new video from you> Oh happy day! I listened wile I got dressed , made the bed, put on a little makeup and did some hand washing. Thank you for coming back to visit us! This was an especially good one; the scripture about anxiety has been one I have leaned on for Quite some time and my thinking and emotions have changed over time.
Have great day..Marianne

Lydia said...

Marianne, thank you. May all be well with us as we work with willing hands!

Miss Humphrey said...

I love the blue teacup in the ocean room.

Linda said...

We will be leaving tomorrow (after church, of course) on a 9 day trip. You were good company while I did kitchen tasks and packed our food/snack tote bags. We will eat some meals at favorite establishments, but it saves time and especially money to not eat every meal at restaurants. Thank you for the "visit" and God Bless.

Angie said...

I love listening to your radio program. I know this is a bit off topic but is your book still available? I would like to buy a copy! Thank you !!

Miss Angela

Lydia said...

Miss Angela, contact me on email: Ladylydiaspeaks at comcast dot net

Homemaker's Heart said...

I enjoyed this broadcast. When you spoke of doing watercolor and teaching yourself (or homeschooling yourself :-)

I recall something I read years ago about making time for yourself each week for self-improvement. The topics were to have a season or a few weeks that you focused on intellectual, social, spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental. Also to spend a bit of time cultivating your gifts or talents God has given you.

I have struggled to do those other than an occasional book or crafting time to practice something. I like the idea, but it seems overwhelming with managing the house and having my afternoon siesta to refresh me for the evening.

I do spend a few hours each week crafting or something creative. I suppose that counts for the mental and emotional part.

I'm being a bit silly here, but could trying to get the best price for our increasing grocery items be intellectual? I always feel I am trying to beat the grocery store at it's game.

Thank you for sharing your theme room. That is a neat idea.
Peace be with you,

Homemaker's Heart said...

Just popping in again to share a fellow on Instagram called Justin Augustine. He is all about beginners and gentle movement. A family member shared his balance exercises with me to help keep my hips strong.

Henri said...

Thank you for your wonderful encouragement! i always look forward to your broadcast!

Mrs Bain said...

I enjoyed your “visit” as I worked at washing dishes and tidying up the kitchen. The watercolor on the letter is a beautiful idea. I think I shall try it this year. I follow Shayla Campbell on YouTube in learning some art techniques. She is a great one for encouraging beginners. Her saying about doing things “perfectly imperfect” has encouraged me to continue and enjoy the process. Thank you for keeping me company.

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Hello dear Mrs. Sherman,
I have listened to your talks, but I've not written lately. I'm enjoying a snowy afternoon after watching it snow this morning in the most glorious display. It will only last a day. It's too warm, but I've enjoyed it.
I'm about to spend a few minutes putting some stitches into my quilt and listening to you speak to us.
You know, it's not as much about what you talk about as it is about having you visit with me. It really feels like you're speaking just to me.

God bless you, and know that what you're doing is vitally important. Pun intended.

Growing more vital by the day,
Laura Lane
Harvest Lane Cottage
Southern Missouri

Mrs. Michele Ann said...

Dearest Lady Lydia,
How blessed we all are to have your broadcasts to do our work by. I have been enjoying them for several years now and I have learned so much and have been so encouraged! So often you are speaking exactly what I am thinking. Thank you for homeschooling us! We appreciate the time and effort that you spend to make these so knowledgeable and encouraging. Thank you for the reminder each broadcast that we are to look our best especially in our home for our families. Thank you for helping me to work on being the best wife and homemaker that I can be. May the Lord continue to bless you and give you the time energy and creativity to carry on with more videos.
Michele Hope

The Charm of Home said...

The letter with the watercolor painting is a thing of beauty!!