Friday, January 07, 2005

Headache Prevention and Relief

If you have reached a "certain age" you may find a monthly headache replacing your old cycle. Your body is changing and as a result you can get sinus headaches or other kinds of headaches. You might find that tablets and pills and chemical remedies have side effects that you don't like, or maybe your body doesn't respond to them anymore. Here are some great tips, some which I learned from a doctor.

To prevent headaches:

1. Watch your posture. There is a tendency to slump a little when you get older, and this pinches the nerves and can bring on a headache.

2. Get adequate sleep, but get up at the same time each morning. If you "sleep in" you might noticed that you will wake up with a headache. This is a type of "withdrawal" from the things you are used to when you get up--the food you eat, the things you drink, the activities, and other things your body gets accustomed to.

3.Find some kind of strenuous work to do outside every day, and work up to a fast pace. I don't like formal exercise, but I find more motivation in working up a sweat while doing something quite useful that needs to be done.

4. Breathe deeply and let your breath out slowly. If you get a headache, try breathing as deeply as you can and puffing out your breath. This sometimes relieves the pain of a sinus headache.

5. Peppermint oil with rubbing alcohol applied to the forehead and temples, can relieve a headache. Massage the area with just a drop of this 3 times a day. Breathing some eucalyptus oil, or putting some in a vaporizor, can help.

6. Trying dropping refined sugar and all artifical foods from your diet for a month. This may help decrease the amount of headaches you get.

7.Put a cold cloth at the base of your skull, and put your feet in warm water. Sometimes "headache" people suffer from cold feet and hands. Massage also helps a headache.

8. You can purchase a "headache Tea" made from things like valerian, chamomile, mint, and black cohash, or you can just take the tablets.

9. Increase your consumption od magnesium and calcium. Foods that contain these are

Curry powder
Garlic cloves
Malt extract, dried
Molasses, blackstrap
Raisins, seedless
Beet greens, common, raw
Brussels sprouts, raw
Chard, Swiss, raw
Kale, raw, leaves without midribs
Kohlrabi, raw
Parsley, raw
Spinach, raw
Turnip green
Apples, raw
Apricots, raw
Blueberries, raw
Brazil nuts:
Cashew nuts
Filberts (hazelnuts):
Hickory nuts:
Lentils, mature seeds, dry
Millet, proso, whole grain
Peanut butter
Peas Pecans:
Pistachio nuts:
Rice, brown, raw
Sesame seeds, whole, raw
Wild rice

There are enough foods here to pick what you like.

10.Drink water. You can sometimes "drink away" a headache. To make it easier, just fill up some little dixie cups with the water. If you get a headache or sinus, put 6 little cups full on the edge of the tub. Fill the tub with hot water and a few drops of eucalyptus bath oil. As you relax, drink all those cups of water.

At the first sign of a headache, take a hot bath, keep your feet warm with plenty of warm socks, cover up well, and lay down, maybe with the head elevated. Do whatever gives the most comfort. I personally find it better to go to bed and sleep off a headache, then to try to keep moving and get something done. The jobs take longer and the headache lasts longer when I insist on being up. Howeverk, sometimes a headache will go away with the breathing and posture exercise.


Wanda said...

What wonderful suggestions! I'm looking forward to trying some of these out. I have headaches frequently for entirely different reasons, but welcome the ideas presented here as alternatives to medicine I refuse to take as it makes me too 'loopy' and usually sends me straight to sleep. Thank you for thinking to post this list.

Lydia said...

Probably the best thing is prevention. I'm sorry to tell you that sometimes you can get the type of headache that will not go away, no matter how many potions and pills you take.

One thing worth mentioning is to be careful of the amount of chemicals you use in cleaning. I understand there is a new cleaning method available now that uses only steam, and no soaps or cleaning agents. These products can sometimes cause headaches.

I've also heard that strong cheeses, strong chocolate, bacon, and certain nuts will cause headaches.

Being nervous and anxious and worried can also contribute to the problem. This is one good reason to keep the family stable, and in alignment with the will of God. Cooperative family members prevent a lot of stress.

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Thank you for sharing these ideas. I didn't know about keeping the feet warm.