Monday, October 16, 2006

Cook's Country

Cook's country has been sending out sample issues of their cooking magazine, to stimulate interest in subscribing, and in cooking. I have quite enjoyed this production, because it shows step by step pictures of food preparation. Go here: to view this site. If you want to flip through an issue, it is as easy as going to your local grocery store magazine rack, where it should be displayed. It does not just show you how to cook, but often tells the best way to choose food and get the freshest and best for your family. If you are going to go to the trouble to cook, you might as well have the best. Besides that, you and your family are worth it.


Tiany said...

I get this magazine, it is one of my favorites! Always full of such a wealth of cooking knowledge for beginners !

Anonymous said...

I also love the "parent" magazine, "Cook's Illustrated." Their blow-by-blow of how they arrive at recipes makes me feel a lot more confident in my own trial and error (emphasis on the error at times, it seems).

They also test and rate kitchen gadgets, ingredients, and cookware. Love that!

It's all by America's Test Kitchen, if I recall correctly.

Mrs. Bartlett

Mrs. Melody said...

I have gotten the sample and I also subscribe to "Cooks Illustrated". They are definitely neat publications. I love the fact that they don't have a bunch of advertising in them!

Have a blessed day

Anonymous said...

Another excellent cooking (and brilliant nutrition) source is "World's healthiest Foods"

This is easy to access, easy to understand, their recipes actually work, they've got many useful tips and hints for those of us who may suffer from alergies, heart problems, asthma etc, and it's all soundly researched (fully referenced) - To see God's amazing bounty spread out for us in this way really brings home the joys of fresh, healthy 'proper' food which doesn't come out of a box (smile).

of particular interest is the fact the site also leans heavily towards affordability, wholesomeness and chemical/pestiside free produce.

As we're charged with the responsibility of caring for our family's health and well being; considering our bodies are indeed not our own but 'the temples of the Holy Spirit' and 'bought with a price', this resource, I hope, will be a source of inspiration in the creation of delicious and nutricious meals for the family. it's truly assisted me in improving the diets of both myself and my husband (thus stabilizing my own weight)


Mrs. E.


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