Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The End of Confusion

Everyone has days that start out in confusion. Clutter is everywhere. Laundry and dishes are piled high. The floor needs cleaning. Meals need to be made. I find the best way to tackle such days is with a calming cup of tea. Follow this with a bath, clean clothes, with nice shoes and a little perfume. This makes you feel put-together for a job and seems to organize otherwise muddled thoughts. Then sit down with another cup of soothing tea and write down the most important things that need to be done. Most homemakers find that after doing the dishes, catching up on laundry, cleaning the floors, making the beds and getting meals, there is not a lot of time left. They may do this day after day, wondering if they are ever going to get around to some of the other things that need doing, or things they would like to do. When these basic, routine things are in control, though, there will remain a little time for leisure. I would suggest that everyone do one creative thing a day, whether it is writing a letter or re-arranging items on a mantel. It gives you time to think about the things you have that make your life good and comfortable. It gives you energy for those other tasks.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lady Lydia,
Thanks for this timely article. I often feel as if most of my days are like this due to health issues. However, I try and take each day as it comes.

My goal is to be able to do the basics of my home before lunchtime each day - but usually I don't make that goal and my husband works erratic shifts which make it challenging as well. I often am very tired when he is off to work and have to start my tasks then. I have a good 4-5 hours of energy, sometimes even less on a bad day. Might you have any suggestions?

Your idea about doing something creative is a wonderful idea. I was actually told this by a medical person recently who shared that having a creative outlet also helps with depression and anxiety (which makes good sense).

Thank you, Lyn

Carina Rose said...

This is great advice :) I seem to be in this state of chaos quite often especially since there are 6 people in a rather small house here. I imagine I will be drinking a lot of tea ;)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

As usual, a woman after my own heart.

After months of being away from home (taking my son to classes in a nearby city), I am enjoying having time to do some indepth and creative housework.

When I was not at home often, everything had to be maintenance and then done only at the surface level.

Yes...a hot cup of tea and giving real thought to the home.

Amelia said...

I really appreciate your posts. I am a young homemaker with two little ones and there are days when I feel like I have been going all day but the house is still a disaster. But your posts are very uplifting and give me hope. Thank You. I really like this one because it says I can take a bath.

Vanessa said...

Lady Lydia,

Thanks again for a wonderful post! :)

Just yesterday I was feeling overwhelmed. Today I took my time with washing my hair and braiding it, then I was able to tackle the bedroom. Having just recently returned from our Christmas trip I was able to do a lot of clearing and sorting for laundry day!


LadySnow said...

Thank you so much for this post. THis is something I need to work on greatly, and it seems God is giving me "gentle" reminders everywhere I turn. Thank you again.

Lydia said...

After first bathing and getting fixed up, a homemaker needs to have a cup of tea in a nice tea cup and gather her thoughts and write down her plan. As one reader said, the huge jobs can be done in small bits. For really confusing messes, just do an arm's width, or a foot, at a time. For bedrooms and living rooms, begin by pulling out all stray clothing and putting it in a pile or a container. Then gather all books, then papers, then toys. In the kitchen, stack all dishes in the order they will be washed. Wipe down tables and the stove and cabinets. Sweep the floor. Then load the dishes or begin washing them. Eventually the homemakers develop a style of attacking overwhelming disorder. This is just one example.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is such a breath of fresh air. I always feel encouraged and inspired after a visit. Thank you.

I have resolved to take this month to attack the chaos and clutter in my home. Mostly to get rid of stuff, just stuff, that is in boxes that have not been unpacked since two moves ago. I have already emptied 6 or 7 boxes and a tote and have a pile growing for a garage sale (anything left after that goes to Goodwill). It has already lightened my load. I am blogging about it this month as I am able.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

For Lyn above,
I am in your situation also. I've been recovering for several years from chronic fatigue syndrome. I spent 2-3 years in bed (on the couch actually) and this with small children at home all day.
When I was finally able to begin being up and around, what helped me tremendously was the Fly Lady. Do a search for her website. I remember one evening reading her book (I believe it's called Sink Reflections if I remember correctly) and I got up from my recliner and went and cleaned my kitchen sink with comet and then bleach. I was so proud of myself. :)
That was the beginning of my comeback.
She outlines on her website, book, and yahoo group exactly what to do. Baby steps. She gives you a plan to begin.
She is controversial with some Christian women but she was my way out of the darkness which was my cluttered, messy, needing-a-woman's-touch home.
And I will always be grateful to her for that.

Anonymous said...

To those dear ladies here who are battling health issues whilst endeavouring to be keepers at home, Ladies Against Feminism has a wonderful article on home making with a chronic illness that may well be worth a read.


MRs. E.

Lisa said...

I agree about doing one creative thing a day. It lifts your spirits and allows you to see that you've accomplished something "special" during the day. Plus, I find that my husband is very pleased when he sees the creative things that I've done, whether it's baking bread from scratch, moving things about in the garden, or drawing something in my sketchbook. I think that these little things please the men so much.

Jess Connell said...

What an interesting notion! To take time out to gather oneself before tackling housework. I think I often avoid tackling it because I'm NOT pulled together. This is a very interesting idea I'm going to try out the next time I'm feeling overwhelmed!

Thanks & Blessings,