Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ideas for Your Home

Both these paintings are by Sung Kim from If you want to find pictures there, click on "fine art," and in the search space, write "cottages," "cabins", "living rooms" "flowers" or whatever you are looking for. That way, you find only the things you want to look at without having to go through a lot of undesireable things. These can be ordered as posters and make excellent art for the rooms of the home. Families will be greatly influenced by what they see day after day in the home, and good art can help them become more refined and lean more towards preserving and protecting marriage, home and family. Great paintings show values that help paint a dream before the family of something they could achieve by having harmony at home. If we do not create such a dream for the family, they will accept the lowest standards and think they are normal.

I found the following sites that have some really uplifting things in them. This lady has scripture stencils, and an article on the front page about the house, in a Biblical perspective. gift boxes shaped like cakes coming in February. I just love boxes and am looking forward to seeing these. this lady has a beautiful home page that will give you a lift today. I saw a few heart shaped things here. has more boxes, plus you can read the history of the band box and the hatbox


Lean Not said...

Thank you for the site with the Scripture stencils. Just today we we were painting our kitchen and were discussing what kinds of things to put up now that it is painted. We were talking about doing some stenciling with Scripture but didn't know how to go about it. (we may end up making our own, but we are not artistically inclined.) :)

If anyone knows of more sites that have good Scripture decorations, (we would want KJV) I would be interested.

Thanks again, Lady Lydia.

Anonymous said...

Some wonderful ideas listed- bless you! It's great timing also because my husband and I are moving into a new place in a couple of weeks and I am spending a bit of time thinking of decoration ideas.

Out of curiousity, does anyone have any ideas on how to decorate interior painted brick walls? They are painted a cream color and look so cold and uninviting. Since they span the entire lounge room I am wanting to cheer them up and make them more homey and inviting... any ideas?

Anonymous said...

To the lady interested in stencilling:

Mrs. Wilt at has stenciled Bible verses on the walls of her home, and they look lovely. Perhaps she could give you some advice on this subject.

Marla said...

You have a beautiful blog. I have recently been reading it and I'm always touched by something you say, or encouraged by you in some way. I just wanted to say thank you for being there and for all the encouragement and ideas. Looking forward to many more visits with you!

Anonymous said...

Room Additions or Selling the Home

Before talking to any contractors the first thing to do is create a budget for the project. Without a budget you will be flying blind and may end up over spending. Having a tight budget will also help you make decisions about what kind of fixtures, and materials to purchase. Most products have a wide price range and having a budget will help keep you in line when making buying decisions.

Lydia said...

Marla, We are always interested in hearing from military wives.

Kelli said...

Thank you for the links Lady Lydia. Our homes are havens from the influences of the world. In our own homes we can create whatever influences we desire for our families. Tasteful and uplifting pictures can have a beautiful impact on the atmosphere of the home.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, as always

Anonymous said...

I like heart shaped things too-I married in September but on my tables I had clear glass heart taper candle holders.

For the bricks-you can paint over them with another color. Time consuming, but worth it. Another thing is to see if you could use some of the bricks as a background for art or as a photo gallery for your family picutres. Maybe trying one of those Hercules hooks so you don't make too big a hole in the brick.

Anonymous said...

To the lady with the painted brick wall:

- if possible, arrange the room to focus on an architectural feature rather than the blank wall;

- hang pictures - ask the man at the hardware store what to use to anchor into brick;

- paint the walls a warmer color, goldenrod, marigold, terra cotta, paprika; or paint each wall a different, but coordinating color;

- use plants and uplights to create a soft mood;

- arrange furniture to be conducive for conversation, out of the traffic flow;

- paint the ceiling a warm color to coordinate with the walls;

- objects from nature tend to be very inviting, i.e. grapevine, pussywillow, pine cones (best for winter time), weathered wood, sisal rugs, wicker, interesting branches, dried flowers, potted plants;

- dress up the windows with bright curtains that can be pulled clear of the window, so maximum light comes into the room;

- use an area rug;

- leave out lots of blankets and throws;

- don't forget scents! Use candles to bless your nose. :)

Hope this helps!

Shona Cole said...

I agree with all of what you say in your post about how important the surroundings are. But I wonder how many husbands really feel manly living in house that look like a storybook cottage? My husband and I have decorated with a chunky furniture, medieval look, which I know it not everyone's taste but we have regular Men's Bible studies here and I can't tell you how many men comment to my husband about how they love the decor and wish their wife would let them do that too. Just a thought :)

Lydia said...

Most of us do not have the money to buy the heavy furniture, or are stuck with inherited things. The cottage look helps us create from the odds and ends that we have, some kind of feeling of home. We can take old upholstry and slipcover it and make it comfortable. Since women are living at home most of the time, it is important that they have the kind of furnishings they feel they can live with and look after.Most men who want their wives to be happy at home, will be happy just turning over the choice of furnishings to them. Many houses have two living areas. One is called a family room, and the other the living room. A woman could have one of these rooms to furnish the way she wanted, and the husband could have the other one. I used to have the huge, heavy furniture but found it impossible to rearrange by myself. My husband did not like moving it and so when it was worn out, I just replaced it with whatever came my way, including things from his mother's estate. I was not able to go to a furniture store and get really good, heavy furniture. The result has been the cottage look. I enjoy the way the cottage decor sites show how to make these things look nice, when otherwise they would be just junk!