Sunday, May 20, 2007

What is Good, Pure, and Lovely

As we are always looking for ways to better ourselves and keep the blog on an uplifting note, I would lke to show you some interesting sites for the month of May, that I enjoyed.

Take a peek inside some rooms here

And, there are always the Make Mine Pink Boutiques, some of which have rooms in them, and they are not all pink, either. It relieves stress to at least see the opening pages which often feature charming cottages.
For the cream, read this fantastic article

I am always so encouraged by pretty rooms, even though I haven't achieved it altogether in my own home.

The picture, I think, is from Karen's Whimsey, called "Lady With Flowers" a copyright free graphic.
As I wanted to keep this entry on the "lovely" theme, I have to say that the movie about Mrs. Beeton, who wrote the first book about household management, was sensational in a negative way, and highly speculative, based on a book by Kathryn Hughes. For more information about Mrs. Beeton, go here Like many modern writers who pretend to know the Victorian era, Hughes has portrayed Beeton and her husband as though they were from the 1960's rather than the 1860's. It seems few people can understand the moral tone of the times, so they have to bring the era down into the gutter with our own times. One reason so many young women love the Victorian era, is that it had an appreciation of love and loyalty that our era does not. This film doesn't hold a candle to "North and South," which I reviewed here
When I see the fruits of women like Esabella Beeton, I always recall a scripture that says, "Can pure water and poison water come out of the same stream?" I get tired of the vilification of our ancestors and our forebearers who actually contributed more to the good of society, most which has trickled down to inspire and improve us today. I found the film hard to watch and I found it a pity that many people will sneer at the Victorians even more, after watching this film. It should not be taken as a real biography or a serious historical documentary.


LLS said...

I had trouble with blogger and my user name, which is usually LadyLydia just wouldn't work, so now I'm using LLS from the LAF site, "Lady Lydia Speaks"....I'm working on getting it all straightened out.

LLS said...

Regarding the previous post about working. My own mother worked in the 40's before she met my Dad. She did not work though because she was "liberated" or to prove a point or to be independent of a man. She knew it was 2nd best to marriage, and that marriage was a step up in the world at a time when marriage was held in honor. What we have talked about over and over is the loss to the home and the husband when a wife goes out to work. It is a role at home that only she can fill. She is desperately needed there, even without children. I have no children, as mine are all grown, but the duties are still even more now. The whole thing is about an attitude. And sometimes women will have to work if they have made bad choices. It has always been that way, even in early America. And today if they choose husbands who will not work, they may have to work.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I sent my daughter the URL to the pretty "Shabby Chic" house. It had so many good ideas...thanks for posting it.

I love looking at the pretty houses in the blog world. It makes for a relaxing Sunday afternoon. I visited Lallees Cottage recently and found just the perfect idea for my own porch I had been looking for.

Keep up the good work. A great combination of writing and teaching.

Anonymous said...

"Those that have ears to hear, let them listen." I realize this has to do with Jesus and his messages, but, I would like to use this small sentence for your blog as well.
There are those of us who have ears to hear and we listen...(well we read, in this case) Your blog is a blessing to me.
All the little tiny details are of small significance, it is the spirit of your blog and the main message that blesses me. (Jesus had a lot of his words twisted too, to make him look bad.) It even happened to the Master.

Mary Ann said...

I saw "Mrs. Beeton" tonight. I'm not sure how historically accurate it was. She had a sad life. And I wish they would leave out those bedroom scenes!

LLS said...

Thanks for the warning!

Anonymous said...

I have just found your blog and what a blessing it is to me! This Wed is my last day at work...I will be leaving to be a full time stay at home-homeschool mom and I can't wait! I have been wanting this for a while. My dream is about to come true and I look forward to going back and reading your blog to get some info and insights. Thank you!!! I need all the help I can get. I'd also like to study what God has to say about keepers at home.


Anna said...

Thankyou for setting things right about Mrs Beaton and her time. You have talked before about the Victorian time period so beautifully. I grew up living among many people from that period[and they would tell stories of the days of even their youth..of even shaking hands with the later President Lincoln] and they were what I always thought of as mentors. The way they lived their lives and presented themselfs to the world and how they interacted was so honorable...never stuffy but so natural. They were not unique as their peers and friends were the same. That was how the world was then and I feel priviledged to have seen it and known them for even a short time. I can see them now as if they were still with us and remember them with love and honor. Which they highly deserved. My parents were products of that generation and they were brought up to be like them. The 1920's and such changed those times but my parents kept the best of those times to share with their families. I will forever be grateful for that. Thankyou all for helping to remind us of all the good still in the world...and how to help others find it too.

Anna said...

I just looked at the other sites you gave us to look at. The one "For the cream, read this article..." I am so glad I did!! It contained truths and lessons...thankyou for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that the film about Isabella Beeton has been sensationalised. Sounds like one to avoid.

Also, Thank you for the North and South review, I'd really like to see that film after reading your thoughts.


Mrs. U said...

I had no idea that there had been a movie made about Mrs. Beeton. Too bad they portrayed such a negative view. But, then again, homemakers are so looked down upon these days in society.

I appreciate the links that you share and the wonderfully beautiful blog as well! I always feel so encouraged in my quest to be more ladylike after I visit this blog. :)

Mrs. U

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Thanks for continually putting up the great links to beautiful homes, I love being inspired and never grow tired of exciting possibilities to beautify my domain! Home is the most exciting and creative place to be and I just can't get enough of it!

Kimberly said...

I've noticed that same problem with authors of books that are to be sequels of classic stories. I read one that was to be a sequel to Pride and Prejudice that seem as though the characters were from today, not the Regency Era. Poor Jane! She'd have been so disappointed. I'd have rather an author just do his or her own thing and not try to latch onto the success of another author, especially when they so degrade the first author's characters.

Marie said...

I agree Kimberly! They have to make a feminist of every female hero!

I looked forward to the Mrs. Beeton movie on PBS, but yuck.

The bedroom scenes didn't actually bother me too much, since they were married. But they portrayed her as a crusading businesswoman. I doubt very much it was an honest portrayal.

Lisa said...

I also was disappointed in the Mrs. Beeton production. My thoughts mirrored yours exactly. I have a difficult time believing that this was factual. My head is not in the sand, as I realize that people are people no matter which era they live in, however, the social mores of the Victorian time seem to lead one to believe that it is unlikely that these people would have acted with modern sensibilities. Thanks for addressing this issue.


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