Friday, September 14, 2007

New Review

I've been given a gracious review for my book, "Just Breathing the Air." If you like books, this one is essential. It is a high quality, glossy, soft-covered book with the best paper, and a size 14 print for the most part, for reading ease. It is full of wonderful pictures that just speak to you as though the story is alive right now. Click here to read more
The photograph is of Lillian, who was only 18 when she went north to Alaska with her husband, rowing the "Li'l Kathy" which he built for her, in 1953, on Lily Lake where the homestead was located.
Several people have said the book should be made into a movie. When you read it, however, the story becomes a movie right in your own mind. Who needs a movie when you have a book like this!
Check here for availablity of download or print copy As I mentioned in a previous review of this book, downloads are nice but this is a great book to hold and touch, being made of high quality paper, and everything is pleasant to to handle and to read.


Anonymous said...

Lady Lydia,
I can't wait to read your book. My husband was raised in the 1960's in the Homer area. They built a little cabin across Cook Inltet in Tutka Bay. He still commercial fishes Out of Ninilchick each summer. We live in Washington in a log house. I wonder if we are very far from each other?

Lydia said...

We moved to Homer in the late 60's and are working on a book about fishing across the Kachemak Bay in the Homer Years. I live in Oregon now.

Mrs. Anna T said...

I just read this review and it sounds terrific!

I agree with you about books and movies... when I'm reading a good book, I'm having the most delightful time, while my imaginations turns the book into a 'movie'. Though of course movies have their charm, especially when watched in a cozy family circle on a cold winter day, drinking hot cocoa together... I feel I'm starting to ramble so I'll quit for now :)

cjan said...

I would love to get this book! I would love to curl up in a comfy chair on our porch and read this. Maybe I'll take my birthday money and get it. Good books are hard to find these days.
Thanks for telling us about it.


Lydia said...

These stories will make you smile, and make your heart sing. The only thing that will make you cry is at the end when it is will want to know where the rest of the story is!

Mrs.E said...

What a wonderful review! There is nothing more grand than a story that tells of real life. This would make a great Christmas gift.