Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tea for One

Taking Tea
Taking Tea
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Noter, David
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Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Hehehe, my grandchildren know the way to my heart. If they lived closer, I would weigh a few less pounds. :)

I finally was able to get my latest pictures uploaded this evening (with help from my computer geek son).

Your book sounds fascinating!

I am enjoying your videos.

Lauren Christine said...

Tee hee! Hilarious :)

Anonymous said...

Adorable! When that knock came I knew who it had to be, however, I did expect a sweet little girl to be among them. Soon enough. :O)

Kimberline said...

I just had to laugh out loud. Isn't that just the way life goes most days, too?

Thanks for giving us a peek into your tea parties of all types. I have enjoyed your sense of humor, just as someone mentioned in the comments previously.

I am thinking of reinstituting afternoon tea in our home. We used to take a break around 2 or 3 to share a pot of tea. I am thinking that as the weather is cooling off it would be a nice thing to do again. I will ask my children if they would like to take turns being in charge of making a snack to go along with our afternoon tea. I have a couple of wonderful cookie makers. This would give them the excuse to bake things nearly as often as they would want to. Our littlest one could join in the fun by making cookies in her easy bake oven on her turn each week. I can't wait to tell them we are going to do this :)


Anonymous said...

Dear Lydia,

These clever tea party videos are so much fun to watch! I can see that it would be easier to enjoy tea-time treats with a clear conscience if I can count on eager little "helpers" to reduce the calories!

The settings you have chosen for the different tea parties are lovely!

Kind regards from,

Susan T.

Anonymous said...

That was sweet...when ever any of my 4 grandchildren see me eating anything, they come running! They do put a smile on my face!

Anonymous said...

Keep trying. One of these days you'll get your own cup of hot tea in daylight with a treat all to yourself.

Tracy P. said...

Now THAT is real life! Wonderful.

Tracy P. said...

What a riot! That is for REAL.

Anonymous said...

So cute. It's so amazing how us parents and grandparents and people who love kids in general will literally give a kid the food off of our plates! How can you resist!

MrsDoc said...

That was a wonderful video, made me chuckle. Not only is it a nice story we can all identify with, but reading "between the lines", I see your wonderful presentation of the serving... and then when the children come in, so much politeness and charity in their manners! I would love to share a truffle with these little people any day! Thank you very much for this little video! It is just heartwarming!

Anonymous said...

That was so cute! What great timming the children have LOL! So Cute.