Friday, January 18, 2008

Family Order

The family was created by God in the beginning (see Genesis chapters one to three) to provide the social and physical needs of the husband, wife, children, father, mother, grandmother, etc.

Unfortunately there are children today who have never seen the kind of emotional support that the home provides. Many of them look in enviously at the homeschool family where the sons ad daughters remain at home until they are married. They want that warmth and care. They long to have parents who take their roles into a different realm other than just feeding and clothing their children until they are grown and then kicking them out at the first opportunity.

I do not believe in sending girls off to college. Sometimes I read where adults are criticised for saying this, particularly if they themselves went to college. One reason these grown-ups are of that opinion is that they know what goes on. They've experienced college and observed just how little it has to do with real life, and how inadequate it is for the life ahead. The expense is hardly warranted, and the money could be better used for something worthwhile and lasting. Once a girl is out of college, no one has any way of knowing what her degree is unless she goes to work. That is the only thing that college is aimed at: to put the girls to work. Who wants slavery the rest of her life? Your degree qualifies you to go to work.

During college and working years, you miss those precious years with your younger siblings. YOu miss having a relationship with your mother. Instead you will be busy "bonding" with other purposeless students who were also sent away by their parents.

We homeschoolers as a rule are not anxious to send our children away, because we know what is out there. We know that it opens you up to a host of temptations. Instead of learning the gentle arts of knitting, sewing, cooking, and home-keeping, girls away from home are thrown into associations with drinkers and smokers and all-night partying. Sometimes they go to these parties under pressure, so that others will quit calling them "too strict," or too straight laced.

In college many girls lose a sense of themselves. They are shut away in cubicles that make the cattle pens look roomy. They are being indoctrinated and do not even know it. They come home detached from their families. Many of them have learned to be sarcastic and sataristic about everything that is good and pure and lovely. They disdane the innocense of those who did not not pollute themselves.

This is not all their fault. These grown children were sent away. They were put in a culture of youth and they were taken away from the authority and protection of their parents. Parents are partly at fault. They need to learn to be parents, and to be able to guide their children into a life of purpose and guard their children against the lower standards of the world.

The home is where society will be restored. At home, a girl especially is free from the restrictions of the outside world. I go to Sense and Sensibility, a sewing site, and look in awe at the many girls at home who are sewing costumes from the past. Some of them are wearing them at home and enjoying their lives to the fullest. At home there is FREEDOM to dress as you wish and to play the music you really like, and to love and enjoy life. Away from home there is a tight restriction which poses itself as freedom, but it is not freedom at all.

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