Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How Do You Make it Without Getting A Job?

This is a long over-due post that answers a question that was sent in a long time ago when I was discussing the importance of mothers staying home with their new babies. One young woman commented something like, "Do you live in the real world? How do you expect us to make our house payments and pay insurance and buy groceries if we don't go to work? How do you do it?"

Well ladies you do it the way most people did it before this current time. The women were not thinking about the things they had to pay for or the things they wanted (or needed) as much as they were thinking about where they were needed the most: the home. None of my forebearers were rich and yet all the women stayed home and managed it full time, and had a nice supper for their hard working husbands when they came home.

This is the way they did it:

They didn't have to have two cars in the family. That eliminates a lot of expense: insurance, fuel, repairs, tires, payments.

They didn't have to have new furniture. Most people cannot pay cash for it and end up with a high credit card payment for furniture that will look like junk before they get it paid off. They were content to improvise and make do. Sometimes end tables were storage boxes covered in pretty cloths.

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