Monday, January 21, 2008

Heart Shaped Napkins

Here is something that opens up a whole host of new ideas: What about doing it with a blue napkin, folded as a sail boat, a yellow napkin folded into a daffodil, or a white napkin folded into an envelope? We made the slide show move slowly enough that you can copy it as it opens.


Candy :) said...

Very lovely!
Also..I have the same white plates as you :)


Hadias said...

This is a lovely tutorial. I will eventually teach my daughters table setting and this will be a great addition to our unit study. Thank you Lady Lydia.

Candy :) said...

I have a new blog...On your sidebar it is my old blog "at Home with Candy".

I just made a new one yesterday.

If you would like to change it and add my new one, you may.. Its called "Candys"
:) Its still a homemaking and decorating blog.

My Blog address is

All the best,
Candy (from Edmonton, Ab Canada)

LadyLydiaSpeaks said...

Candy, I will certainly add it when I get time!It is always great to hear from you. You have the same mantel that I have, only yours is white.

Amy said...

I'll keep this in mind for Valentine's Day.

Anonymous said...

I just tried this! And just so you know, the time between frames is just right. (o:

many thanks-

Elizabeth said...

How pretty!

I will definitely try this.


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