Saturday, January 05, 2008

Enjoying Life Monday to Friday

Destiny Point
Destiny Point
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Giana, Alan

Restoring beauty to every day living is ultimately going to be the responsibility of the women who are dedicated to home life. It is here that the house is arranged in a beautiful manner. It is here that others are welcomed in to enjoy conversation around common beliefs. It is here that creativity is developed. It is here at home that we learn how to make ourselves and others more comfortable. We find out through trial and error what works and what does not. We know what makes us feel uneasy and what things give us peace.

One of the things I have noticed from time to time is the habit that working women have of just kicking back on weekends and letting things go. They have worked all week outside the home and now they want to rest. They are tired in their brains and in their bodies. They deserve a break. This habit can start in school. They go to school all week, so weekends must mean rest and play. Students in colleges tend to take the weekends and just drop out, neither bathing nor changing clothes, and sometimes not even sleeping, but staying up all night having fun. Many people are miserable on the week days but the weekends mean celebration, parties, or total rest.

The homemaker, on the other hand, has an art of enjoying every single day of the week, because she is in control of her own corporation, her own life, her house, and the care of others. She decides whether they will be miserable or happy. To the homemaker, there is no such thing as blue Monday or "Thank Goodness it's Friday." I actually like Monday through Friday much better than the weekends, because I've had peace all week and the weekends mean there is more noise, more people partying, more activity and more work.

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