Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Intellectual Challenge of Guiding the Home

Women at home are commonly referred to as "homemakers." The Bible uses the words "guide the home," and "guard the home." The woman has a role at home that goes beyond homemaking. In one verse, young women are told to "marry, bear children, and guide the home,"* yet a huge population of young women are being guided through school systems that will take them further away from their natural role where they can develop many different talents and intellectual skills. If a girl spends a lot on her education, she will not likely give up her career to stay home and take care of her husband or children. She will not want to give up that degree that she worked so hard for. The proponents of the feminist movement know this and are forever urging women to pursue careers. One of the arguments they give is that home making will "stagnate" their brains, or make their minds go into atrophy. Young women are often afraid they are going to be "confined" to the house, where they will be bored, if they marry and keep house.

William Kay Blacklock
William Kay Blacklock, a painter in oil and watercolor of genre scenes and landscapes, was born in Sunderland in 1872. He studied at the School of Art in Edinburgh and the Royal College of Art in London. He exhibited works at the Royal Academy, the Royal Institute of Watercolor Painters and the Royal Scottish Academy. Examples of his works are in many leading collections including the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.

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