Monday, March 03, 2008


Molly and her father have a heart to heart talk while making melted cheese and toast in the fireplace.

I have added some links, but if I missed yours, please post it again on this article. It is getting harder to hunt and peck for the links on other posts. Also, some of you might not want to be on my side bar because of the fact that I get a lot more attacks than you do. The "expert" feminists come here and give the same old thing over and over ("what if he beats must be living in the dark ages...women in the past had to wear tight shouldn't be using a computer...why don't you get back in the kitchen....)on and on they go every year with the same arguments about how wonderful socialism is, and how stupid it is to be wife and mother and homemaker. They spout of their programmed Marxism and I delete a lot of it.

So, if you allow your link here, you get these kind of people on your blogs as well. You might want to think more carefully before leaving your link here. I don't want anyone to be troubled by these people. Homemakers need nice places to go to be inspired. Sometimes I let one silly comment stay on just to show what is out there and what students are writing (it is painful to read their posts sometimes---they can't write or spell properly and they major in insults name calling. I thought about collecting them in one corner so we could go and see what the best of our education establishments are producing---some of them are from very prestigious colleges.

I learned that if you allow one ridiculous comment you attract hordes of others, for some reason. It is like letting one stray piece of paper or junk sit on the cabinet in your kitchen. It seems to attract a pile of it.

Once again, I'd like to warn you if you let your link stay here you will get the kinds of remarks that I get all the time. The only reason I leave comments open to these people is in the hopes one or two might see a different side of things and become more tolerant of the real world.

Some of the articles you requested I have been preparing to send to the LAF website for major headlines, so don't lose patience.

I am working on a few more frugal tutorials for fun, and also reviewing Wives and Daughters again, just to get my favorite scenes and quotes, which I'll put on a special post. One that comes to mind immediately is from my all time favorite character in the movie series, Mr. Gibson.

"Molly, you must never trifle with the love of an honest man. You don't know what harm it can do."

I'll start another post for more quotes and you can add your own, just for fun.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to the Wives and Daughters article.

Lydia said...

I pulled some of the ones that didn't want to be a link. Also, I probably won't put any businesses on the side, as I wouldn't want them to be busy rejected dumb comments. Even though the public may never see these comments, it can be really depressing if you moderate them. There is enough nervousness in the world without having to plough through these girls' attacks. I suppose I am not as disturbed by it now because I've heard it all, and it is always the same. Still I try to limit their publishing because it can be a real downer to homemakers who come to look for good ideas.

Laurie said...

I for one love your blog. I have printed out many of your Lady Lydia Speaks from your LAF site because I find them an inpspiration. I love being a wife and Homemaker and my husband wouldn't have it any other way.

Mom of Five said...

Dear Lady Lydia,

My link was up on your site in the past, and I would love to have it there again. Feminists don't scare, depress, or bother me. Perhaps the Lord will use homemaking sites to open their eyes to the Truth. Anyone leaving ugly comments is just feeling threatened by our happiness in our personal choices. The name of my site is The Place of H.

Thank you,
Mrs. H.

Just Me said...

Lady Lydia - I am *HONORED* to be on your links list. I had one such commenter a couple of weeks ago on my own blog.

It thrilled me to no end. :)

Imagine - me being razzed by feminists when I used to be the feminist!!!! I thank GOD. Thank you for listing me on your blog. Any such comments, I just delete them.

I don't visit feminist's blogs and leave nasty comments. I don't see why they feel the need to do so on yours.

Lydia said...

You know you are making an impact when you get their comments. It is time that they learned the truth about the life that feminists wasted, telling young girls to spend their youngest years in careers away from home when they could be using all that time to make a beautiful home for their husband and children. There are many women who can testify to that.So if you do get a ridiculous comment you can assume God sent them there to be exposed to something better.

Me said...

I'd love to be on your link list, if you see it fit. I really enjoy your blog. Mine is
Thank you so much and have a lovely evening!

Tracy said...

Dear Lady Lydia,

I would be honored for you to place me on your sidebar! Thanks in advance!

Kimberline said...

Just wanted to chime in something here....

Every time I come to this site I am refreshed. Every time I am here I leave encouraged. Every time I am here I thank God for you, Lydia and am so grateful for the time you put into this lovely place.



Anonymous said...

How true, that there must be a reason God is sending them to your writings. Sometimes the things we fight the hardest are the things that we need the most.

Thank you so much for your writings.

~ Ann

Anonymous said...

Please add my blog. It's not much, but it's getting there!

Anonymous said...

I do not have a blog. But I am thankful to God for women like you all who are being lights in a world of darkness. Thank you.


Laurel said...

Thank you, Lady Lydia, for ploughing through all that dross and allowing us the enjoy your inspiring blog. I truly appreciate it and look forward every day to see if there is anything new.

It is sad to think that there is so little out there in the world that inspires those of us who have chosen to stay home. Even in the church there is no one to encourage women to stay home. It is such a touchy subject and very few who truly believe that such a life is a calling.

God Bless you!

Lauren Christine said...

I would love to be added to your links if you please!

And Wives and Daughters is one of my all time favorite movies. I can't wait to read your quotations. I just love Molly's dedication to her father, sweet spirit, and of course her sweet love :)

Anonymous said...

But you insist that people who comment here must not comment anonymously. By leaving our details here in the comments box, we're going to get comments from nasty people.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Dear Lydia, I know the type of comments you talk about. I've received more than a few of those myself, but I don't mind... that's what comment moderation is for. So if you want to add me to your link list, I'll be delighted!

Anna ("Domestic Felicity")

Unknown said...

Lady Lydia,

I would love to have my blog posted on your site. Check it out and see what you think? :-)


Anonymous said...

Lady Lydia, if it's any consolation to the multitude of attacking feminist posts you receive, then please know that finding your blog and reading it over the past year has completely changed my life for the better.

Whilst I couldn't be called a complete atheist, I pooh-poohed the idea of a God, and thought my life would follow society's standard of a career.

How wrong I was!! I truly believe God led me to discover your blog, and through it - Him. Now, my only desire in life is to walk with Christ and become a mother and homemaker in honour to Him. So, thank you Lady Lydia, and God Bless you!

~ Grace

Anonymous said...

Good Morning,

I used to be on the old link list, will you please add my blog to the updated version. I consider it a privilage to be affiliated with a site that honors God, family and home!

Also, I know how very busy you are but please, please, please hurry on the writing of your second book :) My mother and I have been passing Just Breathing the Air amoungst family members and we are all anxiously awaiting part II.

Best Regards,


Anonymous said...

LOL I guess some people don't always know when to use their 'freedom of speach' rights. You may have the right to tell people what you think about their veiws, but it doesn't mean you should.
I'm sorry you see so many of these kinds of comments. I'm sorry my generation looks at people like you with contempt.
You do make a difference though! You inspire me and my mother-in-law, as well as the people that I share your blog with.
You make me want to work hard so one day I can be a stay at home wife, and hopefully on down the road, a stay at home mother, just like my mother was!
Please try not to get too bogged down. I always enjoy coming to your sight to see all the uplifting things you have to say. I just know that this is what God has called you to do in your spare time!

JKaye said...

Thank you Lady Lydia and others with blogs, for having the courage to stand up for your and our beliefs. At the same time you are getting rants from feminists, you are getting brand new readers such as myself. I discovered the homemaker blogs when I was searching for basic information on frugal living. It never occurred to me to look for specific homemaking blogs. Even though I had just started to stay at home, I didn't exactly think of myself as a homemaker. I mean, gee, how often do you hear that title used positively nowadays in the media or even from friends and relatives? If someone asked what I was doing, I said stuff like, I am renovating a fixer-upper house. That's popular, after all, thanks to home improvement TV shows. It sounds like I have a job if I say that!

But, I am not really renovating a fixer-upper, I am making our fixer-upper into a HOME. So, I am indeed a homemaker! I'm not sure if I would have come to that conclusion so soon if at all if I hadn't discovered these homemaking blogs.

So, again, thanks to everyone who has a homemaking blog. If I ever have one, it will be because of your example.

Anonymous said...

I do not have a blog, but how I enjoy visiting this one, as well as the many others I've found through the links.

I can only try to imagine, Mrs. Sherman, the intensity of the hateful remarks directed toward you.

Why is it, would someone please tell me, that anger seems to be the defining emotion of so many of these commenters? They are angry when things are going their way, & angry when things are not. And they seem to reserve the worst of their anger for the woman who is happy in her choice as homemaker, even though that woman's choice is not an indictment against anyone else.

The "Angry Ones" must be tired all the time. I pray they might lay some of that down...


Cherish the Home said...

I really enjoy Wives and Daughters too. In fact I purchased it without having ever seen it based upon your recommendation.

Some other favorites:

*The Magic of Ordinary Days
*Miss Potter
*Sense & Sensibility (Emma Thompson version)
*Young Pioneers
*Young Pioneers Christmas
*Time Changer


Mimi said...

If you have room for my link, here it is:
The title is The Merry Rose-- Blooming as Keeper of my Home.

Unknown said...

I am a home maker and author, and if you linked to my website I would be more than happy to deal with any traffic that resulted.

Anonymous said...

"It is sad to think that there is so little out there in the world that inspires those of us who have chosen to stay home. Even in the church there is no one to encourage women to stay home. It is such a touchy subject and very few who truly believe that such a life is a calling."

laurel, your comment really resonated with me, what true words. This is what makes being an at-home wife and/or mother so hard. There is little encouragement, only questions, when are you doing back, what do you do all day, etc. One must even be careful when looking for support from other women at home, they may not be able to offer you the support you need either and even they may hold a degraded view of the role.

I've become thoroughly convinced in my five years at home that we must believe that being home is a high calling, we have to assign it a God-given purpose, we have to believe it is the right thing to do, or we won't be able to do it, never mind excel at it.


Becky said...

Thanks Lady Lydia for linking to me. That is so kind. I just love your blog, your ideas. I think you are so gifted. God has given you this talent to share with all of us and encourage us.
God bless.

Anonymous said...

I also like Wives and Daughters! My Mom and I love Mr. Gibson's witty lines. I look forward to your movie post.

Jodi said...

I would be honored to have a link to my blog included in your sidebar.

Thank you so much.

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Lady Lydia,

As always it would be an honor if you would link to my blog. Keep up the good work in Christ...

Many blessings from---

A Wise Woman Builds Her Home

Sue said...

Lady Lydia,
It would be an honor to be linked to your blog and I so enjoy visiting the links that you provide.
Life At Home

Sharon said...

I would love to be linked from your blog! I feel the same way regarding the hopes of changing another woman's mind about leaving the feminists.

Thank you for your work and the beautiful and encouraging links you provide!