Friday, November 28, 2008


Cups and Saucers With Pink Flowers
by David Kols
We are celebrating Thanksgiving Day by being thankful for the the things that we have. We are cooking food that we like, not necessarily the typical dinner, but the foods we really enjoy. We are wearing what we want to wear today, including costumes from the 1600's when the Pilgrims first landed in the new world.

We are doing what we want to do and enjoying being at home. Later on, we will have hot tea, (Yorkshire Gold from Taylors and Harrogate) and hot punch (cranberry apple with cinnamon and cloves). We have no specific plans for other activities, but I know some will want to catch up on reading, others on sewing, and others on work that this day gives them time to do.

We are supposed to be thankful every day, but this is a day to remember that special historical event so long ago. There are now numerous false stories that undermine the purpose of the Pilgrims, but the truth will always win. I hope everyone enjoys this day in a special way.

I have already been up early this morning and dressed up, then set about getting rooms cleaned up and the kitchen especially organized to make the day more pleasant. I have had my cup of tea. I am going to post soon about some things that people can do at home without spending money, and still help others.

I would like to thank Lena in Odessa, Ukraine, for her Thanksgiving e-card, and all the women in Europe, Australia and Africa who have wished us a happy Thanksgiving Day. It is interesting how this day has not just been special for Americans, but how the event and the story has impacted people around the world. I don't think I ever send greetings to holidays for their special holidays in Europe, but I'm always impressed that these people always remember American observances and send us greetings!

Colossians 3:15 And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful. (written approximately A.D. 62---which may have been around the time of Nero)


Karen said...

(From Canada)

Happy Thanksgiving, Lady Lydia & family! Have a blessed day!

-a faithful follower of your blog,
Mrs. D

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your plans for Thanksgiving. It sound like a cosy pleasant day, simple but special. Yes may we be thankful everyday. We have been truly blessed. Love from, L.M.L.

Lydia said...

Linda, I thought Australians observed the same day, but maybe it was because my family that lives there observes it on that day.

Just Me said...

Another wonderful post! I'm always saddened to see that the meaning of Thanksgiving and the history behind it are often marred by our new "PC" culture. I even read today that a school's thanksgiving pageant was canceled because it was considered "offensive". As if there is anything shameful or "racist" about two cultures coming together to be thankful for surviving another hard year.

I hope the joy of Thanksgiving is never extinguished in our families.

candy said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

God bless,
Candy :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Lydia! Thank you for your wonderful blog.

~ Ann

Anonymous said...

No dear Lydia we don't celebrate a Thanksgiving Day in Australia. We're very aware that the U.S. does; a lovely tradition with origins that glorify God and His Provision. So it must have been because of your family living here, that you thought we did. Hope you had a pleasant day. Love L.M.L.