Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Box

This is the one made from the flat, narrow glove box, shown below. Be sure to click it for a larger view. I actually think I like the paper without the glaze, but the glaze makes the book cover more durable.

This is one for boys, made with a gift bag saved from long ago. He chose the stickers for it, and I outlined the stickers with strips of glitter paper. It is tied with straw rafia through punched holes. Save yourself this trouble and just make two holes or staple it. Paper bag material is hard to punch. The inside pages are made with plain paper bag material. Inside, there will be a little folded piece from the paper bag. Put two pages on one side of it and two pages on the other side. Click on for a larger view.

Outline a book on the folded edge of the bag, and cut it out.

Four boys books. Click on for a larger view.Two on the upper left are made from a used calendar picture, cut in half, folded, and tied with string to look like fisherman's net string. The lower one is covered with the side of the Yorkshire Gold tea box, with a scene of a cricket game in the background. It is glued onto another piece of brown paper bag and the edges are clipped for a fringe. The book is made of brown paper bag and tied with a gold shoelace.

This is how I anchor all the pasted pieces to make them stick.

Make holes equal distance by punching from the ends as far as the puncher will go. Put your filler papers inside and punch through the hole, to make them fit.
Here is my latest box from a pair of pink rubber gloves. I liked this box because it had a very narrow spine, which means it will not take very many pieces of paper to fill it up.

The box is cut open on the side, and the other narrow piece discarded. The holes are punched on the front of the cover, this time, instead of on the spine.

Several sheets of paper are folded in half, cut to size (slightly smaller than the cover) , then folded in half and holes punched just like the cover.
Hold the edges of the book down, by placing clothespins on it for several hours after you have finished the book, to keep the covers from falling open.

After threading the ribbon or string from the back cover, through the pages, to the front cover, open the book up as far as it will go and give the ribbon some space. Do not tie the front until you have done this, or the pages will not turn properly.

Here is what the ribbon looks like threaded through the back cover.

This is covered with a paper from the Carol Wilson designs. Carol Wilson is the one that publishes all those lovely raised-embossed cards and stationery. Cut the paper a little larger than the book. Fold the paper around the folded book jacket, rather than pasting it on flat. It makes it have a little more "give" when opening and closing the book. Everyone has to tinker with their project to find out how it works for them. Then fold some edges of the paper over to the inside. Here are added end-papers in the same color as the pages, with an oval piece glued on, to give it a finished look.

The back inside cover with a clipping from a magazine. Since I do not know what will be done with this book, its pages are blank. Used calendars, themed gift wrap, or special scrapbook pages, make nice covers for books for boys.

The papers are nice on their own, so I didn't want to put to many embellishments on it. I did glaze over the cover with craft glitter paint. Two strips from glitter paper were added by cutting with shaped scissors. All gluing and folding is held together during this project, with clothespins until it dries.When gluing or adding paint or glaze or glitter glue to any paper/cardboard project, it will look wrinkled, but as it dries, it settles down nice and flat.

Two ribbon roses are placed over two roses ont he paper and glued down. A gift tag is made with a small scrap of the paper. The ribbon is finally tied on the outside. I prefer wired ribbons because they stay in the shape in which they are placed.

This is just another example of something that can be done with a box that usually ends up in the trash. These are what I called "homestead crafts" because they were similar to things we did in homestead days. It is a way of providing a creative project for children by looking around and seeing what you have. In those days, all we had was tinfoil, catalog pages, boxes, home made paste, string, pieces of fabric, plain scissors, wax paper and maybe a few other things, but we used our imagination and were able to do quite a bit.


Theo-Ann said...

I love your creativity! It makes me think what I can use around the house to make a nice project.:)

Lydia said...

I am also planning on showing how to make a round box from poster paper, and graduated sized round boxes from oatmeal boxes....someday, when I have time.

Unknown said...

Isn't that a pretty project? My girls just love making things like that.

Have you any ideas for a clever way to tie together a booklet for boys? I was wondering if we could make these to use for our homeschool journals for this next month. My guys are not so crazy about ribbon and I am not coming up with a handy alternative that would suit a boy?

I might give them metal fasteners for theirs but an idea for something craft like and boy oriented would be very welcome!

Hey, the kitchen is coming along, Lydia! I can't wait to see more pictures as the wiring is done and more cabinets go into place. You are going to LOVE working in that room when it is completed :)



Lydia said...

Ties for boys books:

Jute Rope
silver or gold wire or anything metallic
tail strings from a broken kite
thin vines such as grape vine
You can also buy brads that are shaped and colored

Lydia said...

Kimberly I will be adding pictures of boys books to this post.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the lovely ideas for binding books for boys, Lydia. I'll be looking for those boy's books pictures next time I can come to the computer!



Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm awed! I'd never have thought of pink rubber gloves!

-Christine from Arizona

Nancy at said...

That box is beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration.

Lydia said...

I bought them because they were extra long and go nearly to the elbow. They are soft inside so that you can use really hot water and not feel the heat. They come in blue, also. On the box, there was a cellophane window. If someone really wanted to fiddle with covering it, they might be able to incorporate that window in a decorative way.

Anonymous said...

Love your ideas! I always want to crawl into my recycling when I look at all the lovely things you create!! I have a few tin cans that I can't part with because I know they can be something beautiful!

What kind of glue do you use??

Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Lydia said...

I use elmers white glue. With the pastry brush from a dollar store I paint the glue on the surface of the paper or the box. I am sure tin cans of different sizes can be used in some interesting ways. I have an earlier post where I stacked two cans of different sizes, to look like hatboxes, but they were not tin cans.

Katrinka said...

Last Christmas I found a stash of old 'Workbasket' magazines at a little shop in town, and there is a section entitled, 'Women Who Make Cents' and there are 4 or 5 little entries sent in by women who use everyday items to create something new and useful and they tell how much they sell them for at 'bazaars'. For example, one lady made little girls' summer nighties from pillowcases! Another made poodle dogs from cockleburs! The old magazines are selling for 6 for $1.00 and I stop and buy a dozen now and then and just flip thru them and enjoy the crafts and that column . . . I always think of you, Lydia! I remember getting that magazine back in the mid-80s, but I think it's out of circulation now.

Anonymous said...

Some encouragement PLEASE for those of us uncertain about the changes that TODAY will bring politically, socially, economically and morally. It's great that our country was able to look beyond the color of one's skin in electing our leader, but unfortunately the most liberal member of congress is about to take oath to the highest office in the land.


Lydia said...


Here is my encouraging remark regarding the inauguration:

Next time, vote for Alan Keyes!

And, if you want further encouragement: to overcome the liberalism, live successfully in your own family: have a strong marriage and encourage your BOYS to marry GIRLS and your GIRLS to marry BOYs and read them what the Bible says. Be parents to your children and stay away from strong drink. Make a cultural difference by the way you live and dress and speak. That way, you vote every single day.

Kimberline said...

To Anonymous,

My heart is heavy today also, but I always remember that we were told that all of these things might come to pass. James 1: 2-3 reminds us to consider it pure joy, whenever we face trials of many kinds because we know that the testing of our faith develops perseverance. I think as Christians we are about to be tested in a mighty way. Come what may, God is ever on His throne.

I was wincing last night when I saw the laws this new president hopes to overturn in his first few days in office. Just a couple ~ Money from our country to fund abortions in Mexico as well as in other impoverished countries. To overturn the refusal of the military to accept homosexuals within their ranks in an "open and right out there in your face" sort of way.

It pains my heart to know what will happen with this country in the next administration. I hardly recognize this as my country these days. To flip flop Michelle Obama's words..."For the first time in my life, I am ASHAMED of my country." To explain that a bit, I do love what this country is supposed to stand for, but this nation has slipped in morals and intentions so badly that I am grieved by the damage that people have done to what used to be such a FINE land. What are people thinking? I am sure that God weeps at this foolishness and yet I know His judgment will soon begin to come. I pray to be strengthened to be a light in an ever darkening world.

In times like these, it is ever more important that our homes be refuges of peace and comfort. My husband and I have made a decision to limit our TV viewing. My husband has to go out into the world daily and will hear and see the impact of all these changes and he can keep me informed as needed. I find that watching the news wears down my energy and makes me overly worried to the point that I can't see to my husband, children and home. So we will guard my eyes and the children's eyes at this time and make our home our haven from the storm of growing wickedness raging out there in our country and the world as a whole.

As long as we are able to have websites like this one which promotes good things and offers so many lovely ideas and inspirations, I think we should support it and come here for rest and to remain encouragers of one another. I do worry that in short order we will not be able to speak so freely as we do now, but surely we will be allowed to continue to promote things of great good worth...."Phillipians 7And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

8Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

9Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you."



Anonymous said...

These are just so clever! Why, I think even someone who is as non-artistic as I am could actually do this and have it turn out looking nice. Thanks for the continuing inspiration to use things at hand to bring beauty into our world. I hope to have time to try some of these ideas soon.
Thanks, also for the encouragement regarding political events of today. Awesome thought, to think of Alan Keyes as president...
Thankful HE is on the throne today,

Lydia said...


Thanks for the update. This is what is called "progressive." Instead of encouraging strength through morality, the progressives have their own agenda and call it "progress" when abortions are free and homosexuality is "normal." This is not progress; it is uncivilized and will always take a nation back into idolatry. Many of the ancient cultures were destroyed because of this.

Lydia said...

There is already a loss of freedom of some things, but I think we should insist on doing them anyway: blogging, wearing the clothing that we like, etc. Others feel total freedom to curse Christ, promote feminist agenda, or post lewd materials, etc. but at the same time, want to limit the speech and freedom of those who do not believe in that sort of thing. There will always be this kind of disagreement between good and evil, but I think good people should not be intimidated by it and be willing to continue what they are doing, knowing it will pay off in the next generation. Already we can see the impact of the Victorian or the 1950's women by what they left behind--their homemaking books, their clothing and furniture, and the culture of the time. Young people are trying to imitate it and look into the values of the home. What we do might not seem like it matters right now, but someday, someone will look back and say that the homemaker had it all.

Unknown said...


As always, your comment to Anonymous regarding current political happenings was right to the point! Oh, and I sure got a laugh out of it, too!

How funny that you also replied to me mentioning women from the 1950's. My daughter and I were just discussing that exact thing in chat. She said I could just go on being the 50's type mom I've always been, wearing my dress and putting on my lipstick daily, baking cookies in the afternoon and wearing my feminine hat to church :)

We don't intend to change anything about the way we live our life here in our home or out in the public eye. But now it is MORE IMPORTANT to us to keep living this way because we are to be examples for others. I don't need the progress they say this election brings us.
I don't call giant leaps backwards "progress." Thank you for the courage to tell the truth, Lydia.

Now I intend to go put on my prettiest shade of lipstick, go over the new booklet copies of the United States Constitution (ordered from the Heritage Foundation and received just last week) with my children for their History lesson today, and then will bake some cookies. MMMMMM! Life here in my home is lovely :)


Lydia said...

My daughter is studying the history of this day, also with her children. I hope a lot of home educators are doing this, and also including the speech of the first president well as the speech of Ronald Reagan, which was so inspiring.

Unknown said...

My husband assigned our children a study yesterday of "Martin Luther." They were to think of why Martin Luther King's mother might have wanted to name her son after him. It is a twist on the study of Martin Luther King by stepping back further into history to see what might have influenced generations before to name their children after famous ministers and men of the Bible. I think I might have truly enjoyed meeting the mother of Martin Luther King.

We are studying the Constitution because I want my children to know what it actually says so they won't spout incorrect things such as "Our constitution calls for separation of church and state..." usually said by a person of liberal thought who doesn't want people of faith impacting the world of politics. That "saying" is of course NOT in our Constitution and the statement said that way shows that the person does not even understand what it means ;)

We are studying HIStory here today, not revisionist propaganda garbage. Thank God for our freedom to educate our children in truth!

Now...on with the baking of cookies!


The Masked Mommy said...

I just found your blog, and I LOVE all your "altered boxes" posts! You are so creative, and make some really beautiful things! I also love to alter boxes, and I thought you might be interested to see my technique. The post is:

Barbara Jean said...

That little pink booklet out of the glove box is beautiful.
Of course, having seen my store and all the pink, you know I would love it!!
Nice to see you and Lillibeth at the store the other day.
Hope she gets her blouse done really soon.

Barbara Jean

Anonymous said...

Dearest Lydia, Kimberline and ladies,

Fear not, no matter the seemingly unstoppable slide down the slippery slope our nations might appear to be caught up in, Ultimately, God is sovereign over all and His will be done. Consider this present age and, for a moment step back and consider the age into which our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ came to Earth ; Roman rule in the Holy land, the vast majority of religious authorities so far off the mark they either could not or would not recognise Christ's appearance, the local ruler (herod) an insane tyrant, more or less) and practices of the occupiers riddled with the same 'progressive' characteristics we face today - homosexuality (acceptable and even encouraged within certain elements of Greko/Roman culture, unwanted infants abandond to die of exposure (the Ancient world's equivalent of abortion), etc etc... Into this harsh reality, the Son of God was born, lived, payed the ultimate price, giving His life for each and every one of us, was raised from the grave and assended into Heaven forty days later. Under persecution the likes of which we could not possibly imagine, both from the prevailing Religious authorities and soon after, Ancient Rome also, a tiny number of men and women, dedicated to God's timeless truth and Matchless gift to humanity, empowered by our Heavenly Father, nonetheless survived. When we consider the load almost too much to bear, when we see the collapse of the world about us into iniquity unthinkable even fifty years ago, fear not, for, as in Apostolic times, God's truth will prevail. If our freedom of speech is taken away by our leaders with blogs and internet sites promoting Godliness shut down, we have agency far more powerful than any electronic tool; nothing short of the Holy Spirit and our lives lived in faithful obedience to God's word in loving service to the Lordand family right where we are planted after the example given in 1 Peter 3: that we may win them without a word being spoken! I believe the Inspired counsel given by Peter here has application far broader than the issue specifically addressed - that - by simply getting on with the business of living our lives in Godly humility and authenticity, we will show this Divine truth far more effectively to the world around us than a hundred blogs or websites, well remembering, for not a few, we are the only Bible they will ever read.

So, dear readers and writers, take heart and be of good courage secure in the fact no matter what transpires here on EArth, and we are warned it will grow grave indeed, God is in control and knows the hearts, the fears and the needs of each and every one of us before we have uttered a single word of prayer.



Emmarinda said...

Amen, Sarah; I wrote similarly on my blog.

Unknown said...

Your books and covers are beautiful! I have been making scrapbooks, and am glad to get some new ideas.